Weight training must for eliminating middle aged belly

As I have written on many occasions, I have always enjoyed running. I found that I could run almost anywhere (when I spent a month in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I planned to join a gym, but when we checked into our apartment in Palermo Hollywood, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Argentinians ran on their sidewalks and next day I started doing the same). Considering the extreme weather in New England, I own a treadmill (which I consider to be the best investment I ever made -- a $700 Sears machine has been with me for some 18 years and still runs fine with just one repair) and put it to good use. However, when I noticed my Testosterone levels falling and discovering that a middle aged man must lift weights to raise his Testosterone levels, I have significantly cut back on running and start my workout routine with strength training and conclude it with about 20 minutes of running.

Looks like science is on my side for one more objective of mine: get rid of the middle aged belly. Doctors at the Harvard School of Public Health found that those guys who spent an extra 20 minutes a day weight training gained less abdominal weight than those who spent it on aerobics. Researcher Frank Hu suggests that older men should do both weight training and aerobics to keep their tummies small. I have noticed significant reduction in my waist due to my routine that incorporates both and I am hoping that eventually I will have a totally flat tummy.