New body at 50

As the year is ending, I have been thinking about what I accomplished, and wow, my body is different.  In fact, I say this with embarrassment that I have a body at 50 that I did not even have as a 18-year old.  While pretty much my whole life I have been fairly slim and healthy, this is the first time that I have muscles everywhere.  It actually feels weird to even touch my body.  When I asked a personal trainer friend of mine to make sure that I was not just gaining weight, he showed me how rock solid my body was and that was a sign it was all muscle.  Fat is flabby, he said.

So how did I do it?  Well, since the big aha moment of having low-T, I improved my nutrition since I realized that as a vegetarian who exercised a lot, I was not eating enough protein and fat.  I also included multivitamins, zinc, iron, and desiccated liver in my daily regimen.  More importantly, I started to shift gradually from just running for one hour to doing weights, yoga, and other flexibility and strength training exercises.  I feel very strong and I look the part.  That is because I also have been doing karate for a year now and as you may know, martial arts is not just about self defense, but also you have to be really fit, strong, and flexible to kick and punch.  So my sensei has been helping me as well because each week in three hours of practice, I do a full body workout along with lots of karate kata and kihon.  My tummy is not as flat as I would like but I plan to keep living my new lifestyle and hopefully, all will be well.