What should I do if I am obese?

What you do will depend on what your BMI is. If you are at the low end, you can lose most of the weight on your own, but if you are towards the high end, then you definitely need immediately medical attention because your obesity may be caused by other complications or your obesity may also cause other illnesses like diabetes.

In any case, if you can afford to see a doctor, you should. If not, you should definitely start a exercise program right away. While a doctor's advice in tackling obesity can be very helpful, some of the things that you need to do are known to all: eat only as many calories as you need for your lifestyle and exercise regularly to burn all the extra fat. You should also invest in a simple scale that you can use to measure your weight regularly. That way you will know if you are losing weight or not. If you join a gym, they should definitely have one too and is likely to be more accurate than the ones that are sold for use at home.

Then there are other considerations. For instance, have you always been obese or have you just put on weight during last few months due to change in lifestyle. What about your family? Is everyone in your family a victim of obesity or is it just you? If you think your situation is complex, then you should immediately consult a doctor.

How to find if I am obese?

Have you heard of body-mass-index or BMI? Well, it is a very simple calculation that takes into account your weight and height. As you very well know, if there are two women and one is 5'5" while the other is 5'10" and they both weigh 150 lbs, their weight situation is very different. BMI makes this comparison easy and is generally considered as a good indicator of obesity. When you show up at your doctor's office, the nurse will also measure both your height and weight to determine the BMI. Most experts believe that if your BMI is over 30, you are likely to be suffering from obesity and need medical help.

How to keep off the lost weight forever?

So you realize that losing weight is very simple: consume less calories. A bigger challenge is keeping the weight off. The way to do that is by a complete change in lifestyle.

We all hate to exercise, particularly if we have never exercised before. It seems like work. However, people who have made an effort and forced themselves to exercise eventually become addicted to exercising. So much so that if they don't exercise, they miss it. They miss all the fresh air they breath when their lungs are pumping harder, they miss the salty smell of their own sweat, they miss the oxygen in their blood that makes them feel energized. So what is hard is the first few days of exercising. During this period, think of exercise as a new sport that you are learning and do not think of it as a burden. Once you visualize all the good things that are going to happen to you when you are physically fit (more success in dating, better health, good fitting clothes) you will stay motivated and committed.

So act on what you really want to do. Do some research. Check out all the excellent diets, workout equipment, and weight loss programs. Pick the one that is right for your specific situation (how much weight you want lose, how much time you have, do you like diet, do you like exercise, do you prefer both, etc.).

Asian weight loss secrets

To those of you who have been asking me for diet and fitness secrets of Asian women, I asked a few of friends from China, South Korea, and Japan, and this is my research:
  1. To get your waist in shape, you must do crunches and twist your waist around - like doing hula hoops. This will help burn the fat around the waist.
  2. To get your hips in shape, try moving your hips like you are going to sit down (but don't sit down!).
  3. Massaging your chest region helps in stimulating the muscles to keep this part in shape.
  4. Dancing is also good to keep your body in shape. You don't have to be a great dancer, and you can dance in the privacy of your home or do any of the dance routines commonly done in a gym.
  5. You can also try "image training." This is a way to help yourself realize that you are going to get in shape. Try listening to up-beat music while working out. Up-beat music may makes you avoid thinking about food, and as you move to the rhythm, you may burn a little more calories. Most of the girls that I spoke to found fast-paced music to be the best.

Are fruit smoothies good for someone on a diet?

Jane writes, "I am eating healthier than ever before and have lost a lot of weight. Since I am also working out, I often get hungry, and have been drinking smoothies made from fruits and juices.  Are these ingredients bad for me?  Am I consuming too many fruits, which have sugar?  Is this a good way for a dieter to lose weight?"

Good to know that you are working out and eating right. My concern is that you are putting a lot of stuff with sugar in it. Remember that sugars are carbs and eventually they convert to fat. So smoothies are great but just use fresh fruit and water, and skip the sugar altogether, or if you must, use a calorie-free sweetener. High-quality 100% honey is another option.  You also must to eat more proteins. So when you go to a health food store you can buy some powdered soy protein that you can add to your smoothie. That way you get ample protein. It may not taste so delicious but you will start to like it after a while.

Is it OK to skip lunch to lose weight?

In my opinion, it is never a good idea to skip a meal and it is also not always a great idea to lose weight so rapidly. In fact, I recommend that you try to lose weight literally one ounce at a time. There are many myths about diets and this is a myth that by skipping a meal you will lose weight faster and more.

What you need to do is to eat in small portions, but eat several times a day. In other words, you try to lose weight by lowering your calorie consumption. What does it do? It stops you from feeling really hungry, and thus, chances of overeating are small. It is amazing how you can fool your system to think that you are eating enough but actually giving the body less calories. Sometimes when you are really starving, if you have noticed it, all you can do is to drink a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice or a diet Coke; you have consumed hardly any calories but for next 2-3 hours your appetite is gone.

How to lose weight in the torso region of my body?

Regina asks, "I tend to gain weight on my torso area before any other part of my body. I hate that because I'm already heavy. Any suggestions for me to not gain weight in my tummy and to get rid of what I have?"

You are not alone in experiencing this phenomenon This is what happens to most women. Other areas where this happens are waist, hips, and sometimes thighs. So what you really need to do is to follow the basics of dieting and exercising and simple cut back on carbohydrates (eat more meats and vegetables and eliminate wheat/rice/sugar etc.), exercise regularly, and just keep smiling.