Are fruit smoothies good for someone on a diet?

Jane writes, "I am eating healthier than ever before and have lost a lot of weight. Since I am also working out, I often get hungry, and have been drinking smoothies made from fruits and juices.  Are these ingredients bad for me?  Am I consuming too many fruits, which have sugar?  Is this a good way for a dieter to lose weight?"

Good to know that you are working out and eating right. My concern is that you are putting a lot of stuff with sugar in it. Remember that sugars are carbs and eventually they convert to fat. So smoothies are great but just use fresh fruit and water, and skip the sugar altogether, or if you must, use a calorie-free sweetener. High-quality 100% honey is another option.  You also must to eat more proteins. So when you go to a health food store you can buy some powdered soy protein that you can add to your smoothie. That way you get ample protein. It may not taste so delicious but you will start to like it after a while.