Aggression helpful in raising testosterone

We all know that the hormone testosterone is what makes guys manly or gives them their typical manliness, characterized by their more aggressive behavior.  It is also widely understood that rage fueled, angry people just have too much of Testosterone in the body.  In that sense, having excessive Testosterone can have harmful consequences.

I, on the other hand, have always been a very calm, quiet, sweet person, who likes to stay cool even during very stressful circumstances.  It has served me well my whole life so far and I have never gotten into trouble with anyone ever, at least not for being angry at them or mistreating them.  In fact I am so nice to people around me that no one gives me a hard time and I am easily able to embarrass my wife when she (rarely) does get angry at me.  I simply remind her that I have never ever screamed at her and it was inappropriate for her to do that to me. 

There is something else that has happened in my forties.  As I have entered my middle ages and developed greater appreciation for my mortality, I have become more spiritual, focusing on what is important and completely ignoring the noise in the world.  It has lowered my stress level, I sleep better, have low blood pressure, and raised my happiness level.  I just don't have many aggressive thoughts during the course of the day.

No wonder, then, that all these supposedly "good" habits are bad for Testosterone.  So here are a few things that I am trying to do and you can do some as well to force your body to produce more testosterone:
  1. Weight lifting; basically, push yourself to do something that is difficult.
  2. Engage in an aggressive exercise like martial arts (judo, karate, jijutsu, kendo, boxing, etc.).  That way you get all the benefits of being aggressive without being arrested for screaming at someone in a bar.
  3. Get your emotions out.  While I rarely get angry, I do get upset.  So I often scream at politicians when they are talking nonsense on television.  Thank God that we have so many wonderful Republicans in America that Testosterone seekers like me can always find someone from the GOP just saying something really awful.  I some times even turn on Fox News just for the heck of finding someone to scream at.
  4. Adopt habits that make you feel powerful and strong.  It has been found that just sitting with your feet on the table when you work, something that makes you feel important and powerful, can raise your testosterone level.  Since I work from home, I do it when I am talking on the phone, for example.

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