Why I am not taking AndroGel?

As you can see, as a middle aged man who is otherwise healthy but struggling with low T, I am trying to raise my libido and Testosterone levels the natural way, through diet, exercise, and supplements.  Nope, I am not against drugs the way Jenny McCarthy is.  I think there is a place for medicine.  While I have not taken prescription medication for an ailment for at least two decades and I have never suffered from a chronic illness (most of my treatment has been for minor injuries or short term illnesses like flu or food poisoning), I am not opposed to them.  In fact, if this approach does not work, I would not be opposed in principle to using medicines.

So why am I not taking AndroGel 1.62% right away to raise my Testosterone level?  Well, if you research this FDA approved treatment, the list of risks and side effects is terrifying.  The biggest one is the threat to the prostate gland, which is fine for now with me, but is not the case for men in my age bracket.  AndroGel can raise the risk of prostate cancer as well.  While we are a kid free couple and have no plans to have a child now, for men who would like to father a baby, their sperm count can be lowered by AndroGel.  Other side effects include swelling of body parts and this can result in a heart failure for those men who already are struggling with obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes and are more likely to suffer from heart complications.  Other associated risks are blood clots and sleeping problems.

AbbVie Inc., the manufacturer reports that while the risks above are the ones they know, the most common one found are higher probability of prostate cancer, mood swings, and skin irritation where the gel is applied.  Another important risk to know is that this gel is pretty nasty for women and actually anyone else who does not need a dose of Testosterone.  Unfortunately, even small amounts can cause a lot of problems in others around you because unlike other drugs that are taken as a pill, this is a gel applied to the skin and the skin is always exposed (you apply it in the shoulder reason and it is recommended that you wear a shirt).  So a child or woman who inadvertently touches you there can get a dose of Testosterone.  I am also afraid that it can transfer to towels and when laundry is done for the whole family, the gel can get into clothes.

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