Avocado boosts testosterone production

Most of us think of guacamole as something to be eaten when dining out at a Mexican restaurant and it is not served with all dishes.  I love Rosa Mexicano restaurant and this is their signature dish but they put such a huge show for making it right next to your table that the price is way too high.  We did it once for its entertainment value but never again.  Actually, you can buy avocados in almost any supermarket these days, and if your super market does not carry it, tell them to, or just visit a store that has more ethnic foods.  If you have a Whole Foods in your area, you can definitely find it.  They should cost about a dollar a unit, though, in a bag they can be somewhat cheaper.  When you buy them, they should be just firm, and when you bring them home, they will start to soften in a day or two.  You can always find a guacamole recipe online but there is no reason to do make things complicated.  You can simply peel the avocado, scoop out the avocado, and put it on your plate as a side dish.  I would say that you could eat a whole avocado in one day by eating one half at a meal (the half cut avocado can be preserved by wrapping it in Saran Wrap; it might get slightly discolored but not to worry).

Avocado has been known to have a positive impact on Testosterone production in the body, and in any case, it has healthy fats essential for hormones and overall health.  It is a fruit that is very rich in many vitamins, so even if you are not trying to enhance your libido, you will do well to consume an avocado regularly.

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