Why I am not using Axiron?

I have already answered why I am not using AndroGel.  It turns out that the #1 competitor of this drug is Axiron manufactured by Eli Lilly.  When I started researching this gel, I found that the side effects and risks are identical to those of AndroGel, so I would not repeat the ones that are the same and I encourage you to simply read the blog post on Androgel.

What is the difference between AndroGel and Axiron?  Well, the first one is the part of the body where it is applied.  Axiron is applied in the underarm so it will be a little bit difficult for someone else to wipe it off your skin during a casual touch, for example, by a kid or another person who just decides to give you a hug or a pat on the shoulder.  The side effect that caught my attention and that really stands out is that the frequency of erections can go up or they can last a lot longer, which on a lighter note, sound like a great thing for all of us struggling with low Testosterone and libido, but scientifically speaking, are a huge problem. 

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