Transitioning from running to weight lifting

In my efforts to raise my testosterone levels through diet and exercise (hey, I watch way too much Food Hospital, the British program on Cooking Channel and I have a crush on Lucy Jones), I am trying to engage in daily strength training.  Look, I am the type who likes to run every day.  I easily do 45 minutes of running while listening to Morning Edition on NPR.  I have found other forms of exercise to be less interesting and my doctor has told me that I should do what works for me, what I enjoy, and what makes me happy.  Now that I recognize the value of weightlifting (not only does this impact the production of Testosterone by the body, as we age, we lose muscle, and lifting weights is the only way to slow down that muscle loss) for something so important, I have started to do it every day.  I don't go nuts, I just push myself till I have a hard time breathing and my heart is pumping like a jet engine.

What keeps me motivated?  Hey, I would love to be a stud again in bed, but on a serious note, it is all about slowing down aging.  The trick that has worked for me in all aspects of life and I have used it consistently is to tell myself that something is not a choice.  So about a week ago, I told myself that I have to lift weights daily when I workout and there is no choice.  I always take the example of brushing my teeth each morning and before going to bed.  Is there a choice?  Nope.  Yeah, I realize that if I am somehow trapped in a jungle for days and have no water or toothbrush or toothpaste, I will not.  Similarly, if I am sick, I might not lift weights, but if I am fit enough to exercise, I WILL lift weights.  It works.  I am now doing something that I did not enjoy in the past and I am doing it because I know it is good for me.  I am optimistic that after doing it for some time, I might even like it.

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