Beginning of a sexless marriage

I have often read about couples gradually entering a sexless marriage, and as a guy, I used to wonder how could that be.  Aren't men supposed to be constantly thinking of sex?  Don't they fantasize about making love to anything that moves?  Well, there are many reasons why a couple may move into a phase that they are not intimate often enough, but from personal experience, I can say that despite being deeply and madly in love (I am with my wife of more than a decade and we have been together since 1995), you can still lose all desire due to low levels of testosterone.  I can't imagine not being with my wife or not look at her and feel what a lucky dude I am, but when the libido tanks, it is shocking how the mind becomes so blank.  You have all these normal thoughts but all those dirty thoughts that drive a young man when seeing a girl are gone.  So ladies, if you are seeing such signs in a man, don't just assume that he has fallen out of love, or is seeing another lady (unless you have the evidence and that is indeed the case), but also pay attention to his hormones.  Maybe go to a doctor and get a blood test for low-Testosterone.  It could just be the poor guy's hormones sending him into a dry phase.

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