How does a man with low Testosterone feel?

Being diagnosed with low T was also a low point of my life.  Look, I am realistic and grounded; I am in my 40s and do not expect to pump like a 20-year old stud in bed, but it was the first time I felt that I was not a man enough (I don't know if women have similar feelings, but maybe this is how a woman might feel after losing her breasts to cancer or experiencing infertility).  It was the first time in my life, that there were times that I hoped that I would not need to make love.  I couldn't believe it.  It was incredible for me to realize that what made me a male was gone.  I guess like most dudes I would never miss an opportunity to get some action in the bedroom with my lovely wife, but if my wife would not initiate sex, I would be relieved and go to sleep.  I did not look forward to vacations because I knew she would be much more relaxed and more often in the mood.  I saw older men with hotties on their arms and wondered how they managed, maybe they were on Viagra/Cialis/Levitra, or they were already applying that AndroGel to their skin (at least for the time being, I want to stay away from prescription medications to deal with low-T and erectile dysfunction because the side effects are too dangerous).

This is why it is very important for women to realize that if the man in their lives is reluctant to engage in physical intimacy with them -- they might want to reassure themselves that he has not fallen out of love with them by asking the question directly or through other signs -- but not assume that he is having an affair (it is reasonable to expect that even if a dude is having an extramarital affair or is cheating, he will still want to have sex with you because if he can do it, he will, particularly because it will help him hide his cheating).  Most likely, it is his hormone level that is driving him insane.

What shocked me the most was that desire simply vanished from my brain.  Yes, it impacted the number of times I would feel some activity in my underwear, but more importantly, if I saw even the hottest girl in the world and she threw herself at me and let me do whatever I wanted, I no longer felt the intense desire to rip her clothes off and enter her right away.  I could not believe it and only that feeling made me realize that the brain is so powerful in how we feel and react.  It also shows that we are nothing but bones and muscles guided by our hormones.  In the end, let me emphasize that whether you are a male reading or this or a female who has seen such behavior in their partner, get help if this is happening.  Men love sex and if they do not desire it, something is wrong with them.  Thankfully, with diet and exercise Testosterone levels can be improved or at least the rate of falling can be slowed down.

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