The aha moment of low-T

Somewhere in my mid-forties, I was realizing that it was not the same me.  I wanted to make love, just not as often enough as before.  I assumed it was just that my wife and I were getting more and more comfortable with each other and desired each other less (after all we have been together since 1995). I even wondered if this was due to some stress in our business.  I knew I was aging -- after all, I had just started using reading glasses -- but I thought that healthy male like me would never experience something like this.

The shock came one night when I just could not have intercourse.  My wife was very supportive.  We both thought that it was just an out of the ordinary event, maybe I was tired, or not in the mood, and it will be just fine.  And so it was.  The next few times, it worked fine, though, my erections were not as strong.  And then a few weeks later, it happened again.  I knew it was a problem.  This happened about three years ago.

During this period, we have gone through ups and downs but things are not the same.  I have tried to eat better, spend more time on my fitness, but now I want to get serious about this.  That is why I now have a plan.

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