How soon do you see change with raising Testosterone?

I know TRT is much faster in improving levels of Testosterone in the body, and I have read that natural ways of improving libido take longer.  So my expectations are low.  In addition, it is not as if my Testosterone level is really low; it is just showing signs of normal decline with age.  So I have been with this problem on and off for about three years now, but only about a month ago, I decided to get more serious about raising my Testosterone through diet and exercise.  While this is not a scientific conclusion, I am noticing improvement.  Last night, I made love like my normal self.  I was a bit nervous because I have had issues maintaining erections for long -- my wife takes longer as well to be lubricated due to her being in 40s as well -- but last night it seemed that the good, old days were back.

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