Strength training to raise testosterone levels

You see, I have always been a fairly fit man. I eat healthy and engage in physical activity.  For over a decade now, that means since my late 30s, I have been running regularly five days a week.  I also work in my backyard and during the New England winter I even shovel snow without a snow-blower on a two-acre property.  What I don't do is weight lifting; instead, focusing on cardio and bending/stretching exercises.

It turns out that while doing what I am doing is awesome for normal health and fitness (some experts still tell me that strength training is still a must because as we advance in age, we lose muscle, and strength training can delay that), if I am to raise my testosterone level, I need to lift weights.  Why?  You need to push your body to do tasks that are difficult; that is when the body realizes that it needs to produce testosterone.  So no walks in the park or even running on a treadmill are going to cut it; you need to lift real weights and push yourself till you are breathing really hard and literally sweating within minutes (disclaimer: please do not follow my advice blindly and discuss this with you family doctor because the last thing you want is a heart attack).  I have started this starting today and will watch what happens; for the time being, I am just feeling some pain in the muscles, which I am assuming is a good thing.

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