Zinc is the savior for Testosterone seekers

For a middle aged man struggling with low-T, things that work, in addition to aggression, weight lifting, having sex, and higher fat diet, is providing the body with a mix of nutrients that promote production of Testosterone by the body.  You can see a list of supplements that I am taking on the right side, and I must add that I am seeing an improvement in my libido, but being someone with a scientific mind, I can say that at this point because I am doing so many things at the same time, I cannot say for sure if the supplements are working.  I do not plan to stop my supplement regimen, because it is better to take them, rather than not, but I always take supplements with a hint of doubt, since I am a big believer in consuming supplements naturally (unfortunately, not possible in most cases, particularly when you are trying to undo a deficiency).

So in addition to all of the above, I am also trying to include more zinc-rich foods, like oysters (there is a reason they are considered as aphrodisiacs and recommended as the dish to order on the date that you are likely to get lucky in the bedroom, though, I am not sure that two hours after dinner the zinc would have produced the Testosterone), seeds/nuts, seaweed (that I drop in miso soup), mushrooms, chives, eggs, and milk.  Notice that I am including mostly vegetables, and that is because for all practical purposes, I am a vegetarian, because I do not think our animals are too contaminated for consumption.

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  1. Like you, my husband is essentially a vegetarian (he eats eggs and dairy but no meat at all). He is 38 years old and I need him to go for a T-test for our relationship sake. I would like to know why zinc is the one supplement that you seem to recommend most and are there other supplements that are specifically recommended for vegetarians. How has your libido increased. I still wish to have a another child, my husband prefers more natural products. Is there a level at which testosterone is too low to be treated naturally (I suspect his is very low). Has your wife noticed changes since you have been on this diet/training and if so how long did it take for her to see changes?


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