Going nuts for walnuts

In addition to adding fat to my diet (not everyone needs to do it, especially if you are already overweight or obese; I had to do it because I was consuming a very low fat vegetarian diet), I added avocado, and then started consuming a whey protein powder that is also full of minerals and vitamins.  In addition, I started a one-a-day multi-vitamins for men and zinc (as ZMA).  I also want to point out that since nuts are sources of some of the best fats and proteins, I have been consuming more of them as well.


I consume about a dozen almonds (soaked overnight and then added to my oatmeal in the morning) five days a week, but lately, I have been snacking on walnuts and sunflower seeds.  Walnuts are definitely my favorite and incidentally they are also the ones with the most nutrients.  Since I work from home, it is easy for me to eat them, but if you go outside to work, consider bringing a handful in a Ziploc bag.  In my ultimate goal is to bring my Testosterone levels to a normal for my age with the current aggressive plan, and then, try to maintain it there without the help of supplements and vitamins by simply adding more nutritious foods like nuts which have the good cholesterol that we need and lots of protein.

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