Lack of morning erections during middle age

As a young man, I found morning wood to be an annoyance, because it was embarrassing, uncomfortable, and sometimes, interrupted my sleep.  Actually, I did not notice (and that is the sad part about aging that you do not realize it is happening but it creeps up on you gradually) that I was getting fewer of them until they completely disappeared (and stupid me, I thought that it was because I was doing a better job of managing my daily water intake).

Well, after I realized that I was facing loss of libido and erectile dysfunction due to low level of the hormone Testosterone, I researched that night time sweating and disappearance of morning erections was a sign of low-T and was not something to be celebrated.  I have noticed that since my Testosterone level improved and while I can make love without any problem, the number of morning erections is still not 100%.  Hey, let me stop writing now because I should go pump iron and take my zinc pills.

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