Reaction from women after high Testosterone

If you are a single man and working to raise your Testosterone hormone level, most likely the transition to a new you will not be difficult.  As you gain more muscle or lose the belly fat, maybe you will need a new wardrobe, but with that and your new-found confidence and libido, I would say that go out there and hit on some babes

Why do women resist it when their husbands look better than them?  Interestingly enough I have been speaking to some guys like me who are married or in serious, committed relationships, and while like me, their partners have been very supportive all along and delighted to see that we have regained most of our libido back and sex is so much better, but for some of the guys things have not been so easy.  You see, if you are in a relationship with a woman in the same age bracket, chances are that she too is struggling with her hormones and has her own libido issues.  In addition, when libido and frequency of sex declines gradually, it is easy to get used to that without even realizing it.  Now, that you want sex again, and even more often than you did a few years ago, she is not ready or resists it. 


What if my wife refuses to change bad habits and resists my desire to become healthy?  I have also been told that guys who are with women who are themselves in poor health, do not workout, eat bad, and even have health concerns are having the most difficulty in marching in harmony.  They want to make healthy choices and she resists.  They want to find time to hit the gym and she wants to go out to eat at Red Lobster.  They want to squeeze fresh juice from kale and carrots and she wants her Doctor Pepper.  They want to get active in bed but she wants her fix of Real Housewives of Wherever (aren't they all equally vulgar?).  Some guys even tell me that their wives are concerned that they will end up divorcing them or get a fit when they come home late or a woman calls (suspecting that he is already cheating).  Many have started to make fun of them suggesting to their friends that their husbands are going through a midlife crisis. 

What to do if my wife refuses to accept a much more youthful, energetic me?  Guys, if you are not with a supportive partner, there is no reason to get distracted.  The world expects us to be a certain way and it is not easy to have partners who will support you in every change that you are making.  While I will not suggest that you consider a breakup or divorce and it is best to talk this through with women that you are doing it for good health, that you have no intention of finding a younger woman, that you are not having some kind of mid-life crisis, you expect her to just accept you the way you are, and that you do not expect her to make the same change.  Having said that, if a woman wants to be stuck in an unhealthy lifestyle and wants you to do the same, after all it is your life, and you might need to make some hard choices.

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