How do Testosterone makers target middle aged men?

The study published in JAMA Internal Medicine entitled "Trends in Androgen Prescribing in the United States, 2001 to 2011" by Jacques Baillargeon, Randall J. Urban, Kenneth J. Ottenbacher, Karen S. Pierson, and James S. Goodwin, has found that it is extremely easy to get a prescription for a Testosterone gel often without a proper blood test or even if the test is done, it is merely a formality done to make you and your insurance company happy. 

Marketing strategy for TRT cures:  That's not all.  In a shocking paper "Promoting Low T, A Medical Writer's Perspective" by Stephen R. Braun, he has disclosed that "...patient education materials continue to be created that, while factually accurate, subtly shift attitudes by including only selected facts and/or omitting ideas that would undermine the funder's preferred paradigm." 


How do drug companies target men undergoing a mid life crisis?  This explains how the television commercials for Androgel and Axiron not only convince you that you have low-T (by merely watching the ad) but also make it appear that choosing TRT is a simple fix (not really disclosing that rectifying the chemical balance in the body is a complex process).  I clearly remember when I first saw the advertisements and could immediately identify myself as someone who was observing those symptoms.  With my low self esteem due to poor performance in the bedroom, I was tempted to consider this as quick fix (I am still not opposed to medicine as a matter of principle and because I am in excellent health otherwise, I take no medicine at this time, but I understand that in the future, I might need to take drugs), but did decide to try food and lifestyle changes, deriving inspiration from British TV series Food Hospital.  I can totally empathize guys who are already feeling low due to being in their middle age, not having achieved their dreams, being constantly reminded of their getting old by kids and younger colleagues, and on top of that, even having difficulty in impressing a woman.

I must also add that in an episode of The Colbert Report, he addressed low-T marketing, and his words were so funny but also true, "A man on TV is selling me a miracle cure that will keep me young forever. It's called Androgel ... for treating something called Low T, a pharmaceutical company–recognized condition affecting millions of men with low testosterone, previously known as getting older."

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