Is it easy to get low-T prescription?

If you look at the data on the growth and size of Testosterone drug business, it is fairly easy to conclude that the business has exploded and growing rapidly.  In fact, it appears that the prescriptions for Testosterone gels are as easy to get as are for most other prescription drugs in America (we are the most medicated nation in the world but the WHO ranks us 37 in overall health).  The Times is reporting that doctors are conducting blood tests for low-T not to figure out if you have low levels of Testosterone and if it low enough to warrant Testosterone Replacement Therapy but to merely provide a cover for the prescription.  After all, Testosterone does decline naturally with age, especially during middle age, and what man would answer no if you ask him whether he has less energy than in the past or is losing his zest for life or is having sex less often.


Dr. Jacques Baillargeon, an associate professor of epidemiology at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, and author of a comprehensive study on Testosterone deficiency, tells The Times, “I think these relatively healthy men who are starting testosterone at age 40 are potentially going to be exposed for a very long time, and we don’t know what the risks are.”  Yes, it does sound great that you have that libido back, you feel full of energy, you are not reluctant to have sex (especially if you are single, because it is well documented that guys with libido and/or erectile dysfunction are less likely to date) but aside from the known side effects, many experts are concerned that there are too many other unknowns.

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