Embracing midlife crisis

Let's see what symptoms of of mid life crisis do I have?
  1. A desire to get into physical shape. Check.
  2. Intense focus on exerciseCheck.
  3. Plenty of time in the gymCheck.
  4. Taking supplementsCheck.
  5. Desire to teach and help others.  Check.  Hence a Testosterone focused blog and an ebook called The Testosterone Challenge.
  6. Wooing womenCheck.

I am sure that a lot of people would look at my behavior in last six months and declare that I am just yet another middle aged man struggling with a midlife crisis and might even feel sorry for them, but personally, this is not how I see it.  If this crisis can lead to a complete transformation of my diet and exercise routine leading to better sex and a life with minimum illnesses, I will happily sport a tattoo on my forehead announcing my midlife crisis.  I know I am going to die and might even see many signs of aging before that happens but my goal is to minimize/delay that.  I would happily die today with no regrets than to live an additional 30 years with weekly visits to a doctor (so far in my life I might have gone to a doctor not even once a year and the last time I went was three years ago with flu, and thankfully, the doctor sent me home with no medication advising me to get plenty of rest and drink fluids).

Middle age without alcohol

As you might recall when I learned that alcohol can reduce Testosterone, I cut back.  I am talking big cut here.  So not only I gave up alcohol Monday to Thursday, even when I drink now during the weekend, I am aware of my alcohol intake.  So it is not just 42.9% of earlier levels (drinking on three out of seven days), but it is more like 1/3.  Again, because of my many parallel initiatives it is hard to say what exactly is impacting my Testosterone level and by how much, I don't care as long as I see the benefit.

The best part of drinking alcohol like this is that now I wait for the weekend to arrive.  I look forward to having my dinner with a glass of red wine.  It is almost a treat for me.  Earlier, drinking with my meal was like having a glass of water.  It was such an integral part of my menu that I did not even notice.  And since I now drink so much less and enjoy it more, I am now more selective about which wines to buy.  I have been checking out some more expensive French wines while in the past I was downing Trader Joe's Charles Shaw.

Middle aged guys should say no to alcohol

As many of you must be wondering why I gave up alcohol in such a radical manner, well, I did not drink much any way.  Maybe not even a glass of red wine every night.  I rarely drank beer, except on very hot summer days during the weekend (which are very few in New England, where I live).  During my youth, I drank only rarely and did not get much of a kick out of it.  It was only during my middle age that I started to enjoy red wine and I guess I paid the price by experiencing steep decline in libido during my mid 40s.

I must thank a bodybuilder friend of mine who asked me one simple question.  Which would you give up?  Sex or alcohol?  For me the answer was easy.  He explained that except for an occasional glass of red wine (which has well documented scientific evidence of its benefits), middle aged men have no reason to consume any alcohol.  Even the benefits of red wine can be achieved by eating a diverse diet, exercising regularly, and living a clean life with plenty of sleep and minimal stress.  I must confess that I like women more than wine and willing up to give up the latter in order to enjoy my adventures in bed.

Hypothyroidism and low-T

The way there is a small link between sleep apnea and low Testosterone, there is a relationship between how well your thyroid gland is functioning and how much Testosterone hormone is flowing in your body.  The reason I mention this is that if you suffer from hypothyroidism -- a fancy way of doctor speak meaning that your thyroid gland no longer makes enough thyroid hormone -- you will experience many of the symptoms of low-T like lack of energy and mess up your cholesterol level.  Since this hormone has a huge impact on the overall functioning of the body, it also lowers Testosterone.  To make things worse, while hypothyroidism can happen at any age, most of the time it happens to dudes our age.  And those of you who have good libido and no erectile dysfunction but have low energy, it is clearly hypothyroidism.  The message here is that we should take care of our thyroid by reminding our doctors about it especially if some of these symptoms are there.  By the way, making sure that you have enough zinc in your daily diet will help regulate the functioning of the thyroid gland.

Sleep apnea and low-T

Remember that sleep apnea is not snoring.  It is actually a fancy way of talking about a problem that affects many men who stop breathing up to a minute at a time.  So if you are sleeping and not breathing, how do you know that you suffer from sleep apnea?  If you feel sleepy all the time during daytime (this is not your occasional craving for a brief afternoon nap on hot summer weekend), do not feel fresh during the time and that affects your mood and ability to get things done, headaches, heartburn, sour taste in the mouth, sweating, chest pain, swelling of the legs, and frequent need to urinate during the night.  If you have these symptoms you may also have low levels of Testosterone and this can happen at any age, not just in middle age like me.  If this is you, try to meet with your doctor for sleep apnea and fix it; chances are that your Testosterone hormone level will become normal as soon as sleep apnea goes away.

Taking Testosterone orally

DO NOT try this with your current medication, but I wanted to highlight an exciting piece of research that has a lot of potential once additional research is conducted.  You see the most popular method of providing Testosterone supplementation is through a gel and some of the less popular methods are an below the skin implant or injections directly into the blood stream.  They all do the job but at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research Professor Ken Ho and Dr Vita Birzniece found that when women were given a small dose of crystalline Testosterone as an oral medication, they were able to increase their muscle strength and prevent protein wasting.


These scientists have concluded that by adding Testosterone to the blood, it eventually ends up in the brain and causes women to become more aggressive, raises their libido, and as a downside, changes their voices and promotes facial hair growth.  Obviously, these issues are different for men, but it is clear that once a similar study is conducted on men, we might learn that we might get more benefits from small doses.  I am not so sure that it applies to OTC Testosterone supplements which for all we know may contain toxic materials.

Does low-T cause Parkinson's Disease?

Relax!  While I strongly encourage you to raise your Testosterone using natural techniques to have a better quality of life, and more importantly sex, it is unlikely that you are headed to having Parkinson's Disease.  A study done on mice has shown that when levels of Testosterone drop suddenly in mice, they exhibit symptoms and pathology like that of Parkinson Disease.  It is very important to recognize that we know next to nothing about what causes this debilitating illness, and therefore, how to cure it.  So this study merely shows one of the many things that could be contributing to a man having Parkinsons.


If you recall I pointed out earlier that a clear link has been established between low Testosterone and Alzheimer's Disease and obesity.  So I would not be shocked to see data that shows that in males, low-T was contributing to Parkinsons, but in the meantime, I want you to go out there and lift some weights, lower your stress, and hit on some babes to improve your hormone level.

Good idea to take Testosterone supplements?

You see when I talk about raising Testosterone naturally, I mean primarily through strength training, and to a much smaller extent through diet (food has only a small role in directly raising the hormone level), but it does help to take multivitamins and zinc in particular.  You will notice, though, that while Testosterone replacement therapy are marketing aggressively the gels like Axiron and Androgel, there is another group of companies pushing aggressively a bunch of supplements that supposedly increase Testosterone (often using the word natural in their advertising). 

Since these supplements are not regulated by the FDA, this is the wild west of drugs in which these guys can put anything they want (most often it is nothing but placebos) but it turns out that steroids have found their way into Testosterone supplements. Not only steroids are illegal substances, they can be deadly.  The worse part is that if you know what steroids you are taking, your doctor can help you, but if you don't even know that there are steroids in your pill that claims to have Chinese herbs or extracts or whatever exotic name they use, if you get sick, your doctor will be at a loss.  “I would very much discourage the use of any of [testosterone-boosting] supplements unless they know they’ve been tested and are free of illegal ingredients.  It’s just not worth it and they’re usually very expensive,” according to Dr. Patricia Deuster, a supplements expert with the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences.

My take on this is that if you have fully understood the dangers of TRT and still want to proceed forward with it, that is fine, but you will be better of by trying a lifestyle approach to improving Testosterone.  As I have documented in my ebook The Testosterone Challenge, you can do it with a few simple things and there are no side effects.

ADT versus TRT

Previously I contrasted Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) with Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) arguing that if HRT did so much damage to women, could it be that TRT could do the same, because at this point we simply do not have enough data on long term use.  Now comes the news that Androgen Deprivation Therapy (ADT) administered to men with prostate cancer can destroy their kidneys.  Granted that there are differences but the underlying theme is that once you start to manipulate the hormonal composition of the body, you are really stressing the body to react in unexpected ways.  That is why I am such a proponent of the healthiest option to boost Testosterone:  strength training.

Woo women to raise Testosterone

I realize the extremely sensitive nature of this recommendation for those of you who are in a relationship (unless you can convince her that it is best for both of them and is for health reasons) but science seems to show that as we age and become comfortable in our relationship, without having to fight to get a woman, our bodies do not produce enough Testosterone.  A study published in the medical journal Evolution & Human Behavior has found that just interaction with women with an intention to court them raised the level of Testosterone.  As we all know when we meet a woman, and if we are attracted to her, our first reaction is to impress her, and if the woman reacts positively (by showing interest in us or by asking followup questions or through body language like eye contact), University of Chicago researchers found that Testosterone went up even more.

Image of a man trying to charm a girl

So as important as it is for single men to keep trying to hit on girls (even if they are not yet confident of being able to perform in the bed yet), it is also important for married guys to try this.  How?  Well, if your lady allows you, try going to bars just to hit on chicks (she can come along separately so that she can keep an eye on you).  Alternatively, if she agrees to it, try some role play in which you two act as if you do not even know each other and try to pick her up in a bar.  Thirdly, try to hit on girls in chat rooms, the safest way to do it, but still keep the lady in the loop.

Does TRT have HRT like risks?

The manner in which Testosterone Replacement Therapy is positioned as a miracle and cure all for all that ails a male today, it is obvious for a skeptic to wonder if it will culminate into a hormone replacement therapy like disaster after some years, with a few deaths, cancers, and a whole lot of personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits.

Virginia Hospital Center urologist Dr. Gregory Bernstein is quoted as saying in a video, "You have all the drug companies pushing their formulations, and saying that testosterone replacement is the be-all, end-all, but the fact is, this is sort of in its infancy still. There's a lot we don't know about testosterone."


Scott Berlinger, a clinical integrative pharmacist, adds, "Basically when you have a lot of stress and a lot of information to process, the body's requirement of cortisol goes up, and often the body will rob [from the DHEA] to make more cortisol rather than testosterone.  That's why stress can lower libido. Combine that with the amount of toxins the average person consumes, and the process of making testosterone is disrupted.”

The conclusion is that unless your situation has deteriorated to a point that you have no option but to try drugs like Androgel and Axiron, you might want to try lifestyle treatment for raising Testosterone, as I have successfully done and documented in my Kindle book The Testosterone Challenge.

Be a man and destroy your iPhone

Image of a young man texting on his smart phone

Hmm....so you blew several hundred bucks on a cool iPhone and then even signed up for the most expensive plan so that you can make all the calls you want or surf all you can.  You are probably feeling good that unlike all those losers with dumb phones (yours truly is one of them) or even no phones, you now have a gadget that is going to impress the babes.  You might even be wondering if your Testosterone went up.

Slow down, buddy!  Chances are that you are turning into a sissy with that smartphone in your hand.  In fact, the longer you use your cool, tiny gadget, you are bleeding even more Testosterone.  Why would that be?  Harvard researcher Amy Cuddy found that guys who use a smart phone to text or surf tend to hunch over their phones in a posture so poor that only someone who has lost it all, a person who has been defeated in life will typically assume (see the picture above).  Men who use an ordinary phone to make a call by putting it next to their ears and then spread themselves comfortably in a chair with their legs spread out, while laughing and chatting with the person at the other end, assume the portion of a winner, a leader, a happy man who is good to be where he is and is delighted to have a conversation with someone (see the photo below), rather than hide behind a virtual keyboard in the desperate hope that someone will like his status update or respond to his text.  I don't have to tell you whose Testosterone was high and who got the most chicks.  Cuddy also found that men who used desktops, sat like a successful man in their chair while using it, were more confident and secure than that guy hoping to find his voice on one of the social media websites but does not have the balls to be a real man and actually speak to girls in person.


Picture of a handsome powerful banker on the phone

So, guys, stop being a sissy and be a real man.  I know that smart phones have useful features and can make life easy but if your goal in life is to have high Testosterone, impress babes, and win at what you do, use the damn phone only when you really need it.  Don't hunch like a nerd who can barely ask a girl if the elevator is going up or down but can be obsessively active online.

Is Testosterone a miracle drug?

You know we all know that Botox is used for removing wrinkles, but the fact is that it is also used for all sorts of other illnesses like excessive perspiration, scar healing, headaches, etc.  I am starting to see that right now everyone is riding on the Testosterone bandwagon and presenting it as a cure for everything that ails the male body.  As I read a comment somewhere from an older gentleman who wrote that for his generation the signs that guys like me are experiencing were considered normal symptoms of aging but now we have a fancy term for it: low-T.


InBalance Health CMO Dr. David Marks tells Health News Digest that deficiency of Testosterone may lead to loss of memory, dementia, headaches, and even depression.  Until someone can clearly demonstrate that like HRT for women that ultimately turned out to be a disaster, TRT is 100% safe, I am not sold on it.  In the meantime, I will continue to advocate lifestyle approach to raising and/or maintaining Testosterone.  As I have documented in my self-published Kindle ebook The Testosterone Challenge, it worked for me, and I cannot imagine why such a natural approach won't work for the most of you dudes out there.

TRT for opioid users

So you take an opioid for pain and the side effect is that your libido is dead, could you then try Testosterone Replacement Therapy?  Well, in a study funded by Androgel manufacturer AbbVie Pharmaceuticals and conducted by Dr. Shehzad Basaria, director of Boston University’s androgen clinical research unit, he found that patients experienced a slight improvement in their tolerance for pain when measured in the lab but they felt no change in how they felt about their pain.  In other words, it did not do anything meaningful to their pain condition and the researcher does not recommend that Testosterone be considered for pain relief.

Sex with man with low-T

I wanted to give tips to women who are in relationships with guys with low Testosterone and want to make love.  I am assuming that this dude has manned up, accepted his condition, and decided to do something about it, by either using diet and exercise to raise Testosterone levels like me, or has decided to embrace Testosterone Replacement Therapy.  If you are a woman who loves this woman and wants to be supportive (you definitely should not do what Stacy Keibler did to George Clooney when he was unable to please her in bed), you must try to have sex with him even if he is reluctant or avoids it or keeps finding excuses not to do it because the reality is that sex is actually a cure for this illness.  The more sex you have the more Testosterone hormone the body produces.  If you give up and go sexless, whatever little there is also disappears.

So how to have sex with a man who has difficulty getting or maintaining an erection or ejaculates prematurely

Trust me, I have been there, and while my wife initially suspected that I was no longer in love with her or that I did not find her attractive any more because she no longer had the body of a 20-year old (though, she never told me this directly, I am sure that the idea that I was having an affair with another woman, or even worse, a man, must have entered her head), but when we talked about it and showed her information about low-T and what men go through when they no longer feel any desire, she became very supportive.  As I have documented my personal journey in the Kindle book The Testosterone Challenge, without her help, I could not have done it.

So ladies, here are a few tips to do it the right way:

  1. Take the pressure off.  A man under pressure cannot perform.  So tell him and prepare yourself that penetration is not the goal, it is all about being together and if that happens, it is fine, but it would not matter if nothing more happened.
  2. Try to get wet and ready first.  So ask him to do things that will make you ready first.  Do whatever works for you and the two of you.  I would expect that your getting ready will turn him on as well.
  3. Now unless he is already ready, try to turn him on using whatever techniques that work for him and the two of you.  I don't have to tell you this but you know this well that a man has a very brief window in which he is ready while for the woman it is much longer.
  4. Keep your paraphernalia like condoms and/or lubricant handy and don't waste any time when you know he is ready.  Make it happen fast because many guys notice that they cannot hold their erection for too long without penetration.  However, if they are able to penetrate, they can make it work.
  5. Even if it is not the best sex of your life, the fact that he has been able to do it, will boost his confidence, bring back his self esteem, and his body will respond by producing more Testosterone naturally.  If you can try this even thrice a week (preferably first thing in the morning), within a matter of weeks, you will notice a huge change.

Why strength training is critical for low-T patients?

If you like running as much as I do, I understand.  For over a decade, I have felt very proud of myself for being so disciplined about my workout.  Get up in the morning, have a cup of coffee, put on my headsets with the radio permanently tuned to my local NPR station, and then sweat it out on my treadmill for one hour, burning close to 600 kcal (assuming the display is giving any meaningful data) five days a week.  I would like to believe that this has contributed to my good health (no medications, all tests good) in my late 40s.

Now if someone were to choose between no exercise and running, please, stick to your routine, but if you want to step up it a notch, particularly if you want to combat falling Testosterone levels, running maybe harmful to your efforts.  After researching that someone trying to significantly raise my Testosterone hormone must start some types of weight/strength training, I took baby steps.  As you can imagine, despite being in great shape, in the beginning, 10 minutes was the max I could go.  I was pleasantly surprised that within a matter of weeks, I could double it to about 20 minutes.  So my running came down to about 40 minutes and as I have documented in my ebook The Testosterone Challenge, I was able to get my libido back and my erectile dysfunction disappeared.  Even my night time and morning erections became more frequent and my wife was definitely pleased.


All these last few months, I have stuck to this routine and I could go on like this for the rest of my life, but after doing some more research, I have concluded that cardio should be minimized by men in their 40s and 50s unless they have significant weight to lose (not the case for me because I am trying to actually gain some weight and also build muscle).  As many personal trainers and bodybuilders have told me in derogatory terms, 'real men don't run.'  Apparently, they pump iron.

So about two weeks ago, I pushed myself to do even more routines with weights and included exercises that pull and stretch my muscles.  Depending on how hot and humid the morning is and how much I am sweating (I have a huge fan blowing at me but I still sweat), it can take between 35 and 45 minutes.  Then, I run the balance of the time.  In the beginning the muscles were whining and screaming in pain but not any more.  It is amazing how much you can push your body and how quickly it gets used to difficult routines (please do not try without consulting your doctor and always listen to your body -- if something feels painful, wait, go slow, or even give it up altogether).  Will the idea scenario be 100% weights?  Hmmm....well, 15 minutes of cardio might actually do good to me and train me to run away from a lion after me.

Why would a man refuse to have sex with a woman?

This is a question I received from one of my female readers.  Well, there could be multiple reasons why a guy would be reluctant to or avoid intimacy with the love of his life, but assuming that he is still in love with his partner and has no other issues like depression, stress, anxiety, etc., it could very well be that he suffers from lowered libido.  He may or may not have erectile dysfunction, but that can be a contributing factor, but if his Testosterone level has fallen, trust me, it is as if desire is wiped out of your brain.  I can say this from personal experience.  I have always enjoyed making love and have a fairly normal sex life with my wife of almost 20 years, but when my Testosterone level dropped, it was like I felt nothing.  I am a guy who lusts for women but not at that time. 


Thankfully, I decided to do something about it and raised my Testosterone through diet and exercise alone (I have documented my story in my ebook The Testosterone Challenge) and it feels as if I got my life back.  I am back to making love 2-3 times a wee, my erections are as they used be in my early 40s, and I am back to salivating looking at hot girls.  So, if you can, please talk to him, maybe convince him to get a blood test for checking if has low-T, and while he can opt for Testosterone Hormone Replacement Therapy, if he is a borderline case, he might be able to make significant improvements simply from change in diet and increasing his strength training time.

Compleo TRT is applied in the nose

A lot of people are terrified of Testosterone gels that are applied in such a way that unless you are extremely carefully you could end up hurting your wife and children.  Now, a company called Trimel Pharmaceutical Corporation has applied to the US FDA to approve its CompleoTRT and the fancy way of putting it is 'bioadhesive intranasal gel,' which in simple words means is that you apply this gel to the inner walls of your nose, just as you would apply one of those nasal sprays when your nose gets blocked during a cold.  Apparently, no irritation or smell, and within 15 minutes it is absorbed by the body.  More on this later if it is approved by the Food & Drug Administration.

Cheap test for checking Testosterone level

Well, a lot of online tests to check whether you have low-T exist but they are useless in terms of giving any meaningful information.  As you will agree with me, to fully understand if your Testosterone level has fallen below its acceptable range, you need a blood test, but let me tell you, that too is not 100% reliable, since not only does the hormone level fluctuates from day to day, they also fluctuate during the course of the day, though, they are highest in the morning.  A rule of thumb is that if you have no morning erections or have them rarely, you might be suffering from a deficiency, particularly if you are also experiencing some erectile dysfunction or reduced libido.


Do you still need a blood test to confirm?  I will say that your personal physician will not go even one step farther without it.  And if you are looking for Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) the blood test is a must for insurance reasons.  But what if you want to have a test and then try to raise your Testosterone through diet and exercise as I have done and documented in my book The Testosterone Challenge?  In that case, you want to do an online test, and if you have hardly any morning erections, lower libido and ED, just to make sure that it is not some other disease, it is okay to have a test with the understanding that the result is not going to be eye-opening.

Now a company called Defy Medical has partnered with labs all over the country where you can go to get your blood drawn, then, a doctor analyzes your report and tells you if you have low-T.  The test only costs $29 and the reason they offer this deep discount is because they want you to become their patient for their therapies.  I would say that if you lack health insurance, this is a good deal, and it looks like there is no catch that you sign up for their therapies and you are free to buy Testosterone gels without prescription from an overseas pharmacy.

Will husband cheat if his Testosterone goes up?

Several female readers have written to me wondering what will happen to their guys if they are able to raise their Testosterone levels.  The big question on their minds is if men with high Testosterone hormone levels are more likely to cheat or look for younger women to whet their increased sexual appetites.

As I have written before, once a man has cured his low-T it causes problems in his relationship.  One would expect that most wives would be pleased to get out of a sexless marriage and be able to revive their sex life, but people are complicated.  Many women who have lived in sexless marriages for years (and might themselves be dealing with hormonal changes in their bodies, like those during menopause, may experience lower libido) find it difficult to handle a man who wakes up each morning with an erection and wants to have sex right away before even going to work.

Understandably so, the hormone Testosterone not only increases libido, but also makes a man more aggressive, more likely to take risks, have more energy, seek adventures, feel self confident, get the impression that he is young again, etc.; all signs of a dude who would not think again about finding a younger babe to prove to himself that he has what it takes to get her.  Having said that, it does not mean that he will necessarily cheat.  My experience is that men cheat because there are already problems in a relationshipGetting his T-level up may act as a trigger but most likely an adulterer is not created by improvement in T-levels.


So what can a woman do to stop a man from straying? 

  1. You see, if you have been in a sexless marriage for a long time and have hormones making your body go crazy, the way this guy is dealing with his body, you should too (you might need a consultation with a endocrinologist and therapist).  If he is feeling young again, you don't want to give him the impression that you don't want to keep up with him.
  2. Communicate with him.  This is critical for a relationship to survive.  Understand his needs and make him understand your needs and limitations.  If you two have had a good marriage so far, this is unlikely to break it, particularly if you want to live your life to the max with 100% zest.
  3. Do not suspect him or become paranoid.  This might very well become the trigger for him to leave you because no man likes to be treated with suspicion.  Look, as a guy I can say, that there is no way my wife can stop me from cheating if I want to by trying to spy on me or monitoring everything that I do.  However, no matter how hard I try, I will be caught eventually.  So just relax.

Best time for sex with low-T

Like any other guy, when I was young, I could make love at any time of the day and while I did so mostly in the night, there were occasions when we did it the first thing in the morning on weekends (as you can attest, you just have more energy then because you have had a good night's sleep).  Since both my wife and I work from home, we even did it during the day.

The situation changes during middle and old age, especially if you are suffering from low Testosterone and also have some degree of erectile dysfunction.  In that case the best time for physical intimacy is not the end of the day.  On the other hand it is the morning.  Why?  The Testosterone levels change throughout the day but are always at their highest when guys wake up.  So, ladies, this might sound unusual but if you can make time for it in the morning, give it a shot.  If you are like me and enjoy your morning cup of coffee before even checking the time of the day, it is fine to do so because caffeine is a stimulant in many ways, but I know it is every man's ultimate fantasy to be woken up by his girl doing something naughty to him.

Why losing weight matters in erectile dysfunction?

It is incredible how damaging obesity is to men's health.  A new study has concluded that being excessively overweight or obese lowers Testosterone hormone levels and causes loss of libido and erectile dysfunction.  Now, while I am on a mission to make my Testosterone level skyrocket, if you are not as motivated as I am, you can make enormous improvement in your libido and bedroom performance by merely losing weight.  As you have been reading in my other blog posts, I am taking a well planned cocktail of minerals and vitamins, I am trying to improve my fitness level with strength training, and eating foods that naturally enhance Testosterone.  The so-called androgen deficiency in the aging male (ADAM) or late-onset hypogonadism or male menopause or andropause can be literally cured from weight loss.


What I found encouraging about this research out of Italy is that "...32 percent of obese men who lost a modest 5 percent of their body weight — usually less than 20 pounds — reported improvement in sexual function."  You see that is not a lot of weight to lose and you start to see improvements even as you are losing it.  I am not going to discuss ways to lose weight, but generally speaking, my experience shows that reducing calories by changing what you eat and burning more calories through workout eventually leads to lower weight.

Australian physician Gary Witter conducted another study and had identical findings "that losing 5 to 10 percent of their body weight improved sexual desire as well as erectile function."  He goes on to argue that it is wrong to assume that loss of sexual desire is something natural or normal with aging because with lifestyle changes you can maintain your Testosterone level well into your 90s.  It is just that as you get older, you have to try harder at keeping it, unlike your youth when it is not even an issue.  The funny part is that the more sex you have the higher your Testosterone will be so it is best to never fall into the sexless trap.

Flatter tummy from higher Testosterone

I am so delighted that as I documented in my book The Testosterone Challenge my T-level is back to normal and I can enjoy sex as I always used to, but the belly fat that I have had for a few years has not receded.  As I have discussed previously, the excess fat on the waist is there even though I am just about 140 pounds at 5'8".  So whatever little excess fat that I might have is only in a tiny portion of my body and has not gone away despite my very disciplined routine that includes cardio, weight and strength training.  My hypothesis is that it started to accumulate due to low-T and while my libido is back and erectile dysfunction is totally gone, it will take some time for the fat to disappear.


Looks like I have science on my side.  In a study published in the Clinical Obesity Journal, Aksam Yassin, Segeberger Kliniken, and Gheorghe Doros concluded that in their study the subjects more than doubled their Testosterone hormone level in one year after TRT.  The jump after the first year was smaller and within a 5-year period it plateaued at 18-19 nmol/L.  The story of what happened to their weight is very encouraging.  The researchers noticed that at the end of five years, the average weight loss was about 10% of their body weight (naturally these were obese guys to start with since obesity is directly linked to low-T) and their waists reduced accordingly.  Right now, I am hoping for an outcome something along these lines that I will lose some fat and gain more lean mass (I really have no wish to lose weight as such because I have been trying to eat more fat and gain some weight since my Testosterone declined due to an extremely low fat diet in the first place).

Is 50mg zinc too much?

As you have read, I have agonized in the past about how much zinc to take because there is no consensus online.  In the end, after reading that 40 mg was the upper safe limit, I settled on 37.5mg daily since that is how it worked out for me from the combination of Trader Joe's multivitamin and mineral supplement and my separate zinc supplement.  As a vegetarian I was probably getting another 3-4 milligrams daily so I thought that would be safe.

Well, it so happened that when I ran out of my zinc and told my wife to pick up a bottle on her trip to Target, she came back with a bottle that has 50 mg pills and it clearly states that it is more than 300% of daily recommended dose.  Damn!  How do they come up with numbers like this?  Now if I would have popped this pill along with my vitamins and whatever little I am getting naturally from food, wow, that would be about 75 mg, and while I have read some bodybuilders are taking even more than 100 mg, I am not sure if I want to do that without consulting a physician.


So I came up with a compromise that I would split my zinc tablet into two (easy to do with just my fingers) and that would give me 25 mg.  Combining it with 20 mg from my vitamin pill and then the rest from food, puts me close to 50 mg.  I decided that I would try this and if I felt bad I would make a change (after all if you go out for dinner and have oysters, you are definitely going to go over 100).  Thankfully, it has been over two weeks now and while excess zinc has been making me sleep even better, I am not aware of anything else.  I must also add that I am having more frequent night time and morning erections but it would be inaccurate to relate the two because there are so many other things that I have been doing to raise my Testosterone level and as I disclosed in my ebook The Testosterone Challenge, my T-level is definitely normal and is now rising rapidly.