Middle age without alcohol

As you might recall when I learned that alcohol can reduce Testosterone, I cut back.  I am talking big cut here.  So not only I gave up alcohol Monday to Thursday, even when I drink now during the weekend, I am aware of my alcohol intake.  So it is not just 42.9% of earlier levels (drinking on three out of seven days), but it is more like 1/3.  Again, because of my many parallel initiatives it is hard to say what exactly is impacting my Testosterone level and by how much, I don't care as long as I see the benefit.

The best part of drinking alcohol like this is that now I wait for the weekend to arrive.  I look forward to having my dinner with a glass of red wine.  It is almost a treat for me.  Earlier, drinking with my meal was like having a glass of water.  It was such an integral part of my menu that I did not even notice.  And since I now drink so much less and enjoy it more, I am now more selective about which wines to buy.  I have been checking out some more expensive French wines while in the past I was downing Trader Joe's Charles Shaw.

Middle aged guys should say no to alcohol

As many of you must be wondering why I gave up alcohol in such a radical manner, well, I did not drink much any way.  Maybe not even a glass of red wine every night.  I rarely drank beer, except on very hot summer days during the weekend (which are very few in New England, where I live).  During my youth, I drank only rarely and did not get much of a kick out of it.  It was only during my middle age that I started to enjoy red wine and I guess I paid the price by experiencing steep decline in libido during my mid 40s.

I must thank a bodybuilder friend of mine who asked me one simple question.  Which would you give up?  Sex or alcohol?  For me the answer was easy.  He explained that except for an occasional glass of red wine (which has well documented scientific evidence of its benefits), middle aged men have no reason to consume any alcohol.  Even the benefits of red wine can be achieved by eating a diverse diet, exercising regularly, and living a clean life with plenty of sleep and minimal stress.  I must confess that I like women more than wine and willing up to give up the latter in order to enjoy my adventures in bed.

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