Why losing weight matters in erectile dysfunction?

It is incredible how damaging obesity is to men's health.  A new study has concluded that being excessively overweight or obese lowers Testosterone hormone levels and causes loss of libido and erectile dysfunction.  Now, while I am on a mission to make my Testosterone level skyrocket, if you are not as motivated as I am, you can make enormous improvement in your libido and bedroom performance by merely losing weight.  As you have been reading in my other blog posts, I am taking a well planned cocktail of minerals and vitamins, I am trying to improve my fitness level with strength training, and eating foods that naturally enhance Testosterone.  The so-called androgen deficiency in the aging male (ADAM) or late-onset hypogonadism or male menopause or andropause can be literally cured from weight loss.


What I found encouraging about this research out of Italy is that "...32 percent of obese men who lost a modest 5 percent of their body weight — usually less than 20 pounds — reported improvement in sexual function."  You see that is not a lot of weight to lose and you start to see improvements even as you are losing it.  I am not going to discuss ways to lose weight, but generally speaking, my experience shows that reducing calories by changing what you eat and burning more calories through workout eventually leads to lower weight.

Australian physician Gary Witter conducted another study and had identical findings "that losing 5 to 10 percent of their body weight improved sexual desire as well as erectile function."  He goes on to argue that it is wrong to assume that loss of sexual desire is something natural or normal with aging because with lifestyle changes you can maintain your Testosterone level well into your 90s.  It is just that as you get older, you have to try harder at keeping it, unlike your youth when it is not even an issue.  The funny part is that the more sex you have the higher your Testosterone will be so it is best to never fall into the sexless trap.

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