Is Testosterone a miracle drug?

You know we all know that Botox is used for removing wrinkles, but the fact is that it is also used for all sorts of other illnesses like excessive perspiration, scar healing, headaches, etc.  I am starting to see that right now everyone is riding on the Testosterone bandwagon and presenting it as a cure for everything that ails the male body.  As I read a comment somewhere from an older gentleman who wrote that for his generation the signs that guys like me are experiencing were considered normal symptoms of aging but now we have a fancy term for it: low-T.


InBalance Health CMO Dr. David Marks tells Health News Digest that deficiency of Testosterone may lead to loss of memory, dementia, headaches, and even depression.  Until someone can clearly demonstrate that like HRT for women that ultimately turned out to be a disaster, TRT is 100% safe, I am not sold on it.  In the meantime, I will continue to advocate lifestyle approach to raising and/or maintaining Testosterone.  As I have documented in my self-published Kindle ebook The Testosterone Challenge, it worked for me, and I cannot imagine why such a natural approach won't work for the most of you dudes out there.

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