Do low-T men have extramarital affairs?

In numerous discussions with my readers I have been researching an interesting theory that might explain why so many middle aged men with declining Testosterone might not only have a mid-life crisis but also have an extra-marital relationship.  How does that work?  It intrigued me as well because I was under the impression that a single guy unsure about his ability to satisfy a woman in bed might not even want to date but my readers tell me that when a man with low libido finds no support from his wife in turning him on by trying harder, he gets interested in much younger women who are not only more attractive they are more inclined to try harder to seduce a man who can buy them more expensive gifts or grant other favors.  When a man experiences this enormous sense of power over a woman who is doing everything to please him, it is a huge boost to his ego, self esteem, and as a result, to his Testosterone.


The more sex he has with this young girl the better he feels about himself.  This raises his Testosterone naturally and he starts to see his new partner as a breath of fresh air who does not bother him with grades of kids who are failing in high school or the paint that is peeling off the bathroom walls or the upcoming wedding of a niece that would necessitate an expenditure of a thousand bucks.  As convoluted as the logic is, I can see how it might work in the case of many men that they might do something like this.  So I guess that women who worry that their men might leave them if his Testosterone level jumps too high might need to even be aware that a guy can leave even if his level is headed south.

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