Why do men abandon TRT?

Apparently it is as easy to dump testosterone replacement therapy as it is to get a prescription for it.  A shocking study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine points out that at the end of 6 months about 33% of guys were continuing it and by the end of one year only 15 per cent were.  Why would the rate drop off so rapidly?  Aren't the TRT sellers always saying that once you start you have to do it your whole life and have packages that allow you to make one monthly payment for blood tests, physician consultation, and gels/shots?

I am assuming that money is an issue (only the Cadillac healthcare plans cover TRT and knowing how awful insurance companies in America are, I wouldn't be surprised that even when a man needs it, the crooks who run these companies will deny it).  It is probably fair to assume that no one wants to behave like Charlie Sheen who went nuts after applying Testosterone gel for too long.  And as I have been repeatedly pointing out, TRT has serious side effects.

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