Testosterone spike in non-competitive activities

Since a lot of men write to me asking about what food they can eat to raise their Testosterone (I am assuming that those men who are looking for a shortcut simply show up for a doctor's appointment to get their Testosterone gel without ever bothering to research online if other options are available and if there are guys like me out there who are trying other natural means) and I always tell them most likely their Testosterone fell because they were eating too much.  Yes, there are foods like oatmeal, bananas, avocado, honey, walnuts, pumpkin/sunflower seeds, etc. that provide some of the ingredients that boost production of Testosterone naturally, my research and personal experience shows that the fastest way to boost your Testosterone level is to engage in intense physical activity like strength training and weight lifting.  Unfortunately, a lot of men who became victims of low-T because of never really working out rarely want to hear my advice that they should.

So, while it has a lot less of an impact, the next best thing to actually engaging in strenuous exercise is to watch other men doing it.  I hope that while you are doing so, you are also not gorging on nachos and beer because that will eventually kill you. 

University of California at Santa Barbara anthropologists Ben Trumble and Michael Gurven have published a paper in the medical journal Evolution & Human Behavior based on their research on indigenous Tsimane people of Bolivia and they have found that men saw a huge spike in their Testosterone even when they engaged in a non-competitive, but physically demanding, activity like chopping a tree.  They chop these trees mostly alone to collect firewood.  The jump in Testosterone after playing one hour of soccer was 30% while that after chopping trees was as much as 47%.  This speaks volumes about the importance of intense physical exercise in raising Testosterone.

The researchers also found something else that caught my eyes.  Unlike us middle aged Americans who are lucky enough to be in a rich country with much more predictable futures, and many of us are fortunate enough to have savings in the bank, retirement accounts, IRA, 401(K), home equity, etc. and often tend to start taking it easy as we get older (meaning more vacations, eating out more often, enjoying finer meals, relaxing, etc.), these guys have to provide for their families pretty much their whole life.  They don't have savings or retirement accounts and need to chop trees or hunt animals or fish in the oceans in order to put food on their dining table (assuming they have one).  Trumble and Gurven found that while the Testosterone levels start to decline for us starting in our 20s and more rapidly in our 40s, for Tsimane men, the levels remain flat throughout their lives.  This simply means that their bodies know (and these men keep reminding their bodies every day) that they need to keep producing Testosterone in order for survival.

I can totally understand why you need not worry about survival but thankfully we can create some of the intensity of living without security by pushing our bodies to the limit and that can be done in the gym or in outdoor activities that demand complete focus and high level of energy.

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