Erectile dysfunction without low-T

So if you are a young man with average or even above-normal levels of Testosterone (you can find that out from a blood test, though, they are not all that reliable), are not overweight (no middle age belly for you), and are not on any medications, but still having difficulty becoming erect or being able to have normal sex that would please both you and your partner, then, you need to meet with a doctor to understand other factors that maybe causing your bedroom problems.  I have discussed the opposite condition: low-T but normal libido and decent erections, and this is more complicated problem to deal with.


So what could be wrong?  I asked around a few of my physician friends and according to them, smoking, recreational drugs, excessive stress, depression, undiagnosed diabetes, etc. maybe to blame.  They suggest that if you have a problem getting or holding an erection occasionally, then, simply working less or trying to control your stress may do the trick.  However, if you are below 40 and often have challenges erecting and sustaining, see a urologist right away.

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