Perfect time to take zinc

In my quest to find the best time to pop my zinc supplement pill after I found out that zinc was enabling me to sleep so well (that by the way is a great side effect because good sleep also helps in Testosterone production) was to figure out that precise moment at which I will be able to get the maximum benefit and sleep the most.  So for several weeks, after concluding that zinc before bed was the best option, everything was going perfect.  I slept so well and always woke up refreshed.  I slept so well that after going downstairs to the kitchen and making my coffee and oatmeal, I was psyched up to start my strength training regimen.  What bothered me was that I had difficulty getting up in the first place.  The sweet morning sleep was so delicious that I did not want the day to break.

To deal with this dilemma, I wondered if taking the zinc with my dinner was a better choice.  That way I would have the effect somewhat diminished by the next morning and since the metal would have had some time to act, I would also fall asleep faster.  Now don't ask me for the scientific explanation, but this did not work so well.  I did not feel drowsy or uncomfortable in any way, but had trouble going to sleep, and I am a guy who had never had trouble falling asleep.  I also noticed that the next morning, I still felt the same.

So my conclusion is that you should pop the pill some time before going to bed.  For me, the best time is to take it when I wind up things on the first floor of our house where our living and dining space is.  Typically, I turn off the lights, check all the doors, soak the almonds for the next morning, and grab a glass of water before going to the second floor bedroom.  Now I take the pill at this time.  Upstairs, I spend some time getting ready for bed by brushing my teeth and undressing, and occasionally I might take a quick shower.  A few nights a week I will have sex, but even if not, my wife and I will chat briefly.  So in all it is about 30-45 minutes and that is enough time for me to feel that I am sleepy.

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