Low self esteem and confidence lowers Testosterone

I might not have mentioned it elsewhere but I am an small business owner.  Not that employed people do not have challenges (layoffs are a way of life these days), but in early 2011, our business suffered a setback.  Guess what?  It was exactly around the same time that I suffered my first instance of erectile dysfunction.  At that time I did not make the connection.  The business has continued to decline every month since then and while I have done my very best to slow down the decline (we have launched some new product lines but they have not brought us yet to the same level of income as before), the failures and setbacks have lowered my self worth.  When I am approaching 50 and should have had a huge safety net and must have working less (rather than more) to enjoy finer things in life, my wife and I manage our budget very carefully and have cut back on luxuries.  Thankfully, we are still able to enjoy the lifestyle that we were used but had to cut back only on indulgences, emotionally it has been extremely painful.  I don't feel the same way as many of peers who are buying homes in exotic destinations or driving expensive cars or boasting of their achievements in social media.  I feel like a loser sometimes and wonder if I will ever be able to be a man with solid finances and steady income that can ensure a comfortable middle class lifestyle.

My research shows that feeling bad about oneself can also lower level of Testosterone in the body.  Granted that I am in the age bracket when Testosterone declines naturally and as a 99% vegetarian, I was not getting enough zinc.  In addition, I was not focusing on strength training and was happy simply with cardio routine.

Naturally, there is not much I can do improve our financial health magically, but I try to remind myself of all my accomplishments.  I also boost my morale by telling myself that entrepreneurs go through these challenges all the time and they need to be resilient so that they can bounce back every single time they fall.  I also remind myself of all my blessings like excellent marriage, loving family, generally good health, and all the comforts that one can hope for.  In addition to libido boosting diet, strength training regimen, alcohol reduction, and supplements, I am also trying simple things like better posture, wearing red color, aggression, flirting, competitive activities,

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