What does stress have to do with low-T?

For all we know low T may not even be a medical condition, but I do recall going through a phase with way too low libido and some degree of erectile dysfunction.  Contrary to what the Testosterone gel manufacturers will make you believe, the unbiased doctors do not believe that there is such a thing as low Testosterone and that low-T causes poor erections.  Based on my experience, all I can say is that low libido can happen if the Testosterone goes down, which it does with age and other lifestyle choices.  I also learned that when your libido is high you are more likely to have a decent erection and be able to make love normally.  Being a vegetarian and becoming deficient in zinc, I noticed a drop in libido and after making such changes as reducing alcohol, moving from cardio to strength training, taking zinc supplements, and consuming more fats, I got my libido back and magically my ED was gone as well, as I have documented in my Kindle ebook The Testosterone Challenge.

At the same time, I have been grappling with stress, which I think is minimal, but is there due to some work related issues.  Scientists say that it is true that stress can produce more cortisol in the body and that destroys Testosterone but there is no evidence that men with high Testosterone are less stressed or TRT will lower your stress, which by the way is a choice that we make, rather than it being a hormonal condition.  In that context, I liked a remark by Cleveland Clinic urologist Daniel Shoskes, who said, "The idea that you can reduce stress, increase your testosterone, and become a beast in bed is probably nonsense, but it is still good for you to reduce stress. My first advice for reducing stress is to stop worrying about your testosterone."  Exactly, I must confess that after I had issues performing in bed, I have been so stressed out by the whole thing.  I have been afraid of getting old, often wondered if my wife would leave me or have an affair, and get quite terrified if my wife initiates sex and I am not in the mood.  I guess I should follow the advice from Dr. Shoskes and just relax.

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