Can healthy diet prevent low-T?

You know this has been a very important question since despite being at a very healthy weight, committed to working out five days a week, and having no other bad habits like excessive drinking, smoking, high levels of stress, using recreational drugs, or taking any type of prescription drugs, I still experienced a phase in my life of low libido and poor erections, which thankfully, I fixed with my lifestyle changes and supplementation, as I documented in my book The Testosterone Challenge.

So I had always wondered if I could have prevented a year or so of poor sex and anxiety caused by not being able to get an erection on demand and the answer has come from Dr. Michael O’Leary, an associate professor at Harvard Medical School in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  According to him, "We don’t know if a healthy diet prevents low testosterone, but a healthy lifestyle will make it less likely to occur.”  Obviously, I might think that I was on a healthy diet but as I discovered later on, as someone on an extremely low-fat, mostly plants based diet, I was not getting enough zinc, a fundamentally important mineral for formation of Testosterone by the body.  However, if I am reading the comments of the professor right, even a perfect diet would not have been so helpful if I was a living a life that was not optimal.  Dr. O'Leary adds that "People are working long hours and have stressful lives. Certainly, obesity doesn’t help — that much we do know. Men who eat a fatty diet have more estrogen, which lowers testosterone."

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