How your insomnia is killing your sex life?

Chances are that insomnia has made your cranky and unproductive and it is affecting your performance at work and maybe your family is unhappy with you, I found out today that lack of sleep is equally detrimental to libido.  This is how it works.  The hormone Testosterone which creates desire in men for having sex is primarily made by the body during sleep.  That is why Testosterone levels are highest first thing in the morning and couples who make love in the morning report better sex but also lasting a lot longer compared to doing it before going to bed when Testosterone levels are low and both partners are tired.

Image of a man sleeping on the beach with his mouth open and eyes covered with a towel

The highest level of Testosterone is produced during what scientists refer to as rapid eye movement or REM sleep.  I do not want you to bore with the details of different phases of sleeping but if you are not getting uninterrupted, peaceful 7-9 hours of sleep every single day, you are not getting enough REM sleep.  The result will be lower levels of Testosterone as well.  In fact, this link is so well known that law enforcement authorities use sleep deprivation as a very effective technique to force criminals and terrorists to talk.  One study was conducted on military trainees and it was found that with sleep deprivation, their Testosterone dropped by as much as 70%.  With a man with such low levels of Testosterone, his self esteem is gone, he is irritable, he has no aspirations or ambitions, and he can be manipulated to do anything.  It is during this phase that interrogators play mind games with a criminal or terrorist and get a confession.

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