Does low-T even exist?

As you know what I have experienced is natural decline in Testosterone level with age and my condition was somewhat exacerbated because of my diet that was extremely deficient in zinc, an essential mineral for sexual health.  Once I started on zinc supplementation, made small changes in my diet to include foods that impact libido, and altered my workout regimen from cardio to strength training, my libido returned and my erectile dysfunction disappeared.  No, I am not like I used to be when I was 20, but that is not I should be in any case, considering I am counting my time to touch 50.

Still, I have read a lot about low-T and definitely watched way too many commercials on television about low-Testosterone but I am also reading in The Times that, according to Harvard Medical School's Dr. Joel Finkelstein, who specializes in studying impact on older men from hormonal changes, there is no such disease as low-T and that it is a buzzword cooked up by pharma companies to drum up sales for their Testosterone gels.  He goes on to say that despite the FDA approval, there is no evidence that TRT works and we definitely do not yet know the risks and side effects completely.

Let me also add that because Republicans hate taxes so much, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) is no longer funded by tax dollars.  Instead, the drugmakers pay fees to the agency to approve drugs.  In other words, it is in the best interest of FDA bureaucrats to keep their drug lords happy in order to keep their jobs and that is why they pretty much approve all drugs.  And the way the pharmaceutical business model works is that you get a drug approved and then spend the hell out of marketing that drug to make your profit as soon as possible (eventually they are replaced by cheap generics made in India) and if at any point you get sued for death or personal injury, you hire a powerful law firm, harass the victims or their families till they give up, and finally just settle.  Then, you move on to the next drug.

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