Losing weight alone raises Testosterone

You have probably read a lot of stories these days in the media how a man had low libido and his life was on a downward spiral.  Then, he visits a doctor who prescribes him one of the many low-T prescription medications and the next thing you know he feels like a man again, his wife is jumping with joy, and his doctor is telling the reporter how every man who is suffering from such symptoms should consider TRT.  In case, you did not know, these are stories that are planted by public relations (PR) agencies that work with pharma companies and physicians who provide them with real people and their stories.  Generally speaking, this can be a good thing because we can learn something new with a real person's face on it even though we know it is an infomercial.

The sad thing is that in some cases they pick a really bad example.  Like that of Brian Cunningham of Edinburgh, Scotland.  A lot of men who take prescription medication to cure an illness can often experience brief periods of low levels of Testosterone but the level returns to normal once you discontinue the drug (if you are taking a medication for a chronic illness and your libido drops, you should speak to your doctor about it because it is possible that the medicine maybe changed or that you might need Testosterone Replacement Therapy).  The problem with Mr. Cunningham is that he is clearly morbidly obese.  Granted that his situation got worse after an injury and treatment, but the reality is that his weight is so high that it is the primary cause of his low Testosterone and resulting erectile dysfunction and diminished libido.

I am happy for Mr. Cunningham that he got his life back and that the Testosterone gel is working for him but men like him will be much better off losing as much weight as possible.  As I have written previously, being overweight and having a huge tummy alone will destroy your Testosterone.  Obviously, you can rely on gels for the rest of your life or make an improvement naturally by losing weight.  That is a healthier alternative, has no side effects, and not only costs nothing but also has other health benefits.

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