Is pomegranate good for raising Testosterone?

A lot of you have written to me asking if you should start drinking POM juice to naturally raise your Testosterone.  Readers have mentioned a Queen Margaret University which concluded that men experienced a boost in their Testosterone after drinking a glass of juice daily for two weeks.  Look, I am mostly a vegetarian and I consume a lot of fruits and vegetables, so by all means, pomegranates are good.  I want to remind you, though, that the best way to consume fruits is to eat them rather than drink the juice.  Eating a fruit gives you the fiber in its undamaged form and the sugar level does not spike immediately because it takes a while for the body to get that sugar out of the fruit bites.  However, if you insist that you want to drink the juice (maybe you cannot find fruits in your area -- I know here in New England the fruits are expensive), then, make sure that the juice is 100% natural, has no additives, and definitely has no added sugar.

Image of pomegranate fruit split into pieces

Now does it really raise the T level?  Granted that most fruits and vegetables have low zinc and can actually impede absorption of zinc by the body, this fruit has some.  Actually, just 0.2 mg per cup of juice (the amount in the fruit will be a lot less).  Even though my Testosterone level is now normal, I still take 40 mg of zinc daily in supplements and I get a few mg daily from my diet.  In other words, if your level is only slightly lower, you might feel a bit more desire to make love, but most likely it is only the placebo effect.

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