Sugar and salt are destroying your marriage

Previously, I gave you a list of libido killing foods and since then I have talking about other things that are killing your sex life like fried foods, canned foods, insomnia, and stress.  In this blog post, I want to share what I have learned about consumption of excessive salt and sugar, both so fundamental to our diets that we cannot imagine eating less of them.

How is salt bad for middle aged men?  You see there is clear evidence between eating a salt rich diet and higher blood pressure (the process is simple: salt retains water and that is why when we get more water in our blood, the heart has to pump a lot harder and that raises the blood pressure).  Unfortunately, high blood pressure weakens the heart eventually and then it cannot pump enough blood to Little Johnny down between your legs, thereby, causing erectile dysfunction

How is sugar bad for middle aged guys?  What sugar does is to cause imbalance in the insulin level in the body and excess sugar lowers blood Testosterone levels.  Also, excessive sugar is stored as fat in the body and that is too bad for Testosterone.  So, ideally, you should just eat no sugar or very little of it, and be very watchful of sugar in supposedly non-sweet products like bread, but if you are willing to give good sex to eat sugar, at least avoid eating sugar a day or so before you think you are likely to get some action in the bedroom.

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