Occasionally your body will still fail you

Since I started my project to raise my Testosterone level naturally through diet, exercise, and supplements, I was successfully able to achieve the same level of sexual health that I had in my early 40s, as I documented in my Kindle ebook Testosterone Challenge.  While saying this gives me an ego boost, something that helps any man struggling with low self esteem due to aging related symptoms, I also keep repeating this to remind my readers that they can also achieve the same results.  I am not someone special or unique; I am just like anyone else who was committed to bringing my sex life back to normal level without suffering from side effects associated with Testosterone gels.

Well, not that I was becoming arrogant or super-confident -- in fact, I have been quite apprehensive of my bedroom performance during the last few months and always have some level of anxiety -- but after months of reliable performance, it happened.  I failed miserably to have an erection.  I was terrified.  Granted that I had just returned from a trip to Asia, I was jetlagged, tired, my stomach was upset, etc., but I thought that being separated from my wife for over a week would produce enough desire to not have this, but I did.  Thankfully, within a matter of days, I resumed my normal diet, caught up on sleep, and resumed my normal workout routine (staying with other folks in a warm location and not having access to gym was a barrier to continue my exercise regimen, though, I still managed to do several exercises that can be done even in a small room without any equipment).  I was pleasantly surprised that things started working normally the next time after a few days.  I guess the big lesson of aging is that you can never take things for granted and keeping my Testosterone level normal is going to be a lifelong challenge, and the older I get, the harder I will need to work.

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