French fries are killing your sex drive

If you are one of those men who enjoy eating fast food that often includes deep fried dishes like fried chicken or French fries or baked foods like donuts and have noticed that the only craving you have is to eat even more junk food rather than make love to a woman, it is not that you are becoming asexual.  Blame the food instead.  And ladies, if you are reading this, put a wireless tag on your man and do not let him go to eat junk food or any types of dishes made from trans fats (it is the worst and cheapest type of food, and thus, a favorite of food processing companies and junk food restaurants that use it in dishes to make them stay on shelves for months without going bad and to enhance flavor).

Image of a guy eating a high trans fat containing english muffin

How could eating trans fat cause me erectile dysfunction or destroy my libido?  Aha, I am glad that you asked.  First, let us discuss how do you get an erection.  In the simplest term, an erection happens when blood rushes to Little Johnny between your legs and that happens when we feel desire for a woman.  Now, if you are overweight or obese from eating a lot of sweet baked goodies and fried dishes, your blood starts to have more of cholesterol.  Imagine this cholesterol as a deposit on the walls of your blood vessels.  The more cholesterol you have, the more it attaches itself to the walls, thus, narrowing the passage for blood.  In short, enough blood simply does not reach Little Johnny and it fails to get solidly erect or the erection disappears before you can even act.  Also at the same time, your heart is pumping too fast, you might even be sweating, you are nervous because things are not going too well and you have an eagerly waiting woman in front of you to impress (yes, that is what causes many men to have heart attacks during sex).

Eating too many trans fats also raises estrogen (the female hormone) levels in the male body and reduces the male hormone Testosterone, which is what produces desire for making love in the first place.  In other words, eating a fat rich diet attacks us guys on two fronts, both fundamental to performing in bed.  It attacks libido by lowering it and then whatever libido we can manage is useless because we are unable to perform in bed due to ED.  Ouch!

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