Just enough Testosterone is all we need

Since we know that excess of anything is bad, the same seems to apply to level of Testosterone in the body.  I would have thought that if Testosterone is so essential for men, the more the better.  After all, I would desire women all the time and be able to have sex often and with enthusiasm, but we also know that men with high Testosterone are not pleasant to be around.  They are angry, unpleasant, aggressive, annoying, or basically jerks.  Women tell me that they are just good enough for a quickie in the car outside a bar and too risky to bring home for even a one night stand because you never know if they have a gun and will kill you.

It turns out that among older men, excessive Testosterone can kill them.  The researchers found that a normal level is the most desirable for older men because high levels cause premature death.  There is no clear answer yet why this happens but scientists are clear about one thing: unless you have a genuine androgen deficiency there is no need for Testosterone replacement therapy or TRT.  Usage of Testosterone gels like Axiron merely to be able to maintain muscle or have more energy or to feel youthful can do more harm than good.  For that, try strength training instead.

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