Warning to men living in areas with fracking

Fracking (a process in which water and chemicals under high pressure are injected deep into the ground to fracture the rocks to release oil and gas) has been a blessing to many areas in the United States (and elsewhere) by creating jobs and lowering the price of oil and natural gas.  While the environmentalists have been opposed to fracking for many reasons, the powerful oil companies have been able to bribe politicians in Washington DC so that not only they are free to use hydraulic fracturing wherever they want but also to do it with total disregard to water quality (they can thank former Vice President Dick Cheney and Halliburton for the so-called Halliburton loophole that allows pollution of ground water with no penalties).

If contaminated water was the only problem and that would bring about early death, I would not worry as much (I do not regret dying early but cannot imagine not having sex the time that I do have).  The problem is that the dangerous chemicals used during fracking are contaminating the water to a point that this is causing hormonal changes in men by attacking their hormones.  Ouch!  While I suggest that if you are a resident in one of these areas to use high quality water filters for drinking and cooking purposes, you will still consume some chemicals because the vegetables/fruits will be grown in the contaminated water and animals will drink the contaminated water.  If you would like to continue to be a man, you may want to consider relocating to an area where fracking is not happening.

Pistachios to counter erectile dysfunction

There is so much evidence that nuts are good for everyone that I have been eating nuts regularly for almost 20 years now.  And as a vegetarian on a low fat, high fiber diet, I have been advised to consume even more nuts to get healthy fats into my diet.  I like several types of nuts, but almonds and sunflower seeds are the ones that I eat everyday.  I also love cashew, pecan, and walnuts, but they can be expensive, so other than eating about 20 almonds with my oatmeal, I try to eat mostly sun flower seeds that are healthier and much cheaper.  BTW, almonds should always be soaked overnight before eating and it is better to eat the skin (if you are unable to chew, you can make almond milk, which is not as good as eating nuts but still better than not eating them).  And all nuts should be eaten raw (that means untoasted) and without salt (why would you want to add more sodium?).

Image of raw pistachios

It turns out that one study has concluded that pistachios are also beneficial for those of us who suffer some erectile dysfunction because they are rich in arginine, the chemical that I talked about previously and one that helps in generating nitric oxide in the body improving blood flow to Little Johnny down there.