Garlic for middle aged men

Image of garlic

Many Hindu women are not permitted to eat garlic because apparently in their male dominated society they do not want their women to have a libido, because God forbid, what will they do if their women want to make love when they feel the desire (though, no such restrictions exist for guys).  Like celery, avocado, nuts, or lavender, this is one more food item that we need to eat more of everyday.  I am also insisting that my wife consume more of it as well.  In addition, benefits of garlic can be seen in form of better heart health.  It seems to jump-start libido, though, no one knows exactly how.  Hey, it sure makes the food taste better, so no reason not to give this a shot.

Lavender for men

Image of lavender flowers blooming

I cannot think of something else that is more feminine and most of us dudes are reluctant to be smelling of lavender or implying that we like the color (by the way it is a wonderful smell and I will never forget my trip to lavender farms during a trip to Napa and Sonoma Valley almost a decade ago), but like celery in the sense that they affect our libido indirectly, it is one of the smells we should inhale more of.  Apparently, it really gets the blood flowing in our bodies and we need more of that as we age.

How does celery help middle aged men?

Image of celery sticks

Now as far as my research shows, celery does not necessarily lead to a direct increase in the amount of testosterone in the body, but in addition to avocado, pistachios, pomegranate, walnuts, etc., it is a vegetable that we all men must eat regularly.  Some research shows that it is a aphrodisiac because it contains androgen like chemicals.  Now, I typically include a few stalks in a juice cocktail that I make at home and that may include other veggies like kale, Swiss chard, carrots, oranges, lemon, beets, etch.  While preparing the vegetables for pasta or Asian noodles, along with mushrooms, zucchini, broccoli, peppers, etc, I also add pieces of zucchini.  However, if you want to keep things simple, just eat a stalk everyday.  Oh, you don't like the taste.  How about dipping it in almond butter?

Testosterone Therapy causing heart attacks in older men

When I will be 70 years old and if I will need to make a choice between having great sex and higher probability of death from a heart attack, I will most likely choose sex, and thus, TRT, but in my middle age, as much as I want to be awesome in bed, I would still like to not die prematurely from cardiovascular complications.  Unfortunately, drugs like Axiron and Androgel are doing exactly that to middle aged and older guys.  If you are a young man suffering from low T, you can continue.

So what is going on?  The study published in PLoS One does not have all the answers yet, because could it be that men who take prescription Testosterone medication might very well engage in more aggressive sex or physical activity (at least that is how the television commercials make it appear with guys literally chopping wood in the wild now that their T-level is up) and worsen their heart health.  The other theory is that high levels of Testosterone in the body increase the number of red blood cells (RBC), the ones that absorb all the oxygen and enable us to conduct aggressive physical activity, and that can make the blood thicker, and thus more likely to block the blood vessels.

So should you abandon your TRT?  Not so fast.  If you got your Testosterone prescription at one of those low-T clinics that are driven by profits and they put up a little dog and pony show, even supposedly testing your blood, you need to consult an ethical doctor to find out for sure if you genuinely have such low levels of the hormone that you need prescription strength medication, instead of simply making lifestyle changes to raise Testosterone the way I have done.  On the other hand, if you have a team of ethical doctors advising you and have done all the tests needed to assess your condition (blood tests for Testosterone are practically worthless and tell us nothing) and are convinced that TRT is the only option, then, you are fine, but you might still want to improve your diet and start working out more regularly.

Impact of martial arts on Testosterone

When I wrote about engaging in aggressive physical activity to raise Testosterone, I had just signed up for karate classes.  Well, I have now completed classes for a month and wanted to provide an update.  You see, even without disclosing this to my instructor, he commented to me in the third class, "Looks like you have never even hit a bug!"  And he was right.  I am the Zen type of guy, so engaging in training for hitting someone is new for me.  However, I have noticed that after just one month of training, I am feeling the aggression inside me.  While I am still mostly punching and kicking in the air (or a cushion), I am being told to imagine a target (an euphemism for the opponent, or in a real world situation, a bad guy I must prepare to beat up in a self defense situation).  This raises my Testosterone and I can feel it inside me, because I scream (and occasionally, just in my head, use foul language).  Guys, if you are in relatively good health (yes, karate is not for those who are out of shape or just starting their fitness routine), martial arts maybe a great way to raise Testosterone.

Hit something and raise your Testosterone

Image of a man during a boxing practice

As you might already know, Testosterone is the hormone responsible for aggression in men.  In addition to eating a testosterone and libido diet, you may want to engage in physical activity like strength training and hard work to force the body to work like a man.  Dr. Stephen Durant of the Mass General Hospital's Sport Psychology Department has another recommendation: kick something.  Well, he recommends activities like boxing, kickboxing, American football, wrestling, rugby, etc.  The idea is that when you are hitting something with all your force, your body is producing a lot of Testosterone.  I am currently taking karate classes to become more aggressive.