Impact of martial arts on Testosterone

When I wrote about engaging in aggressive physical activity to raise Testosterone, I had just signed up for karate classes.  Well, I have now completed classes for a month and wanted to provide an update.  You see, even without disclosing this to my instructor, he commented to me in the third class, "Looks like you have never even hit a bug!"  And he was right.  I am the Zen type of guy, so engaging in training for hitting someone is new for me.  However, I have noticed that after just one month of training, I am feeling the aggression inside me.  While I am still mostly punching and kicking in the air (or a cushion), I am being told to imagine a target (an euphemism for the opponent, or in a real world situation, a bad guy I must prepare to beat up in a self defense situation).  This raises my Testosterone and I can feel it inside me, because I scream (and occasionally, just in my head, use foul language).  Guys, if you are in relatively good health (yes, karate is not for those who are out of shape or just starting their fitness routine), martial arts maybe a great way to raise Testosterone.

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