Your husband does not want to make love to you because he loves you too much

This makes no sense.  Imagine that your husband or boyfriend is so deeply in love with you that he does not lust for you.  And as he approaches you less frequently for sex, you are start to worry that he is tired of you, or is interested in other (probably younger) women, or you worry about your fat or wrinkles or gray hair or cellulite.  What is happening is that as his relationship with you becomes stronger and he is totally in love with you, Nature has created systems in place so that his Testosterone goes down and that way his eyes do not wander and he does not cheat.

Image of a guy looking at busty girl on beach in swimsuit

This is similar to what happens when guys become dads.  Their Testosterone drops naturally so they become kinder, gentler to a baby and also do not make the mother pregnant right away (so that she can raise the newborn with full attention rather than get distracted).  So ladies, if there is otherwise no problem that you can see in your relationship or marriage (like fights, bickering, whining, arguments, or abuse) and you just feel that the man simply does not lust for you as before, it is not that he is bored with you or desires other chicks or is already having an extramarital affair; it is just that his body is preparing him to be faithful to you.  By the way, just because a man is working to improve his Testosterone does not mean that he will cheat, though, you might want to prepare for more action in bed as that happens.

Get in the sun for Vitamin D

It looks as if the fact that I am not getting as much sun as I should may have been a factor in my falling Testosterone.  You see, there are two things working against me.  One, I live in New England, where it is cold for so long that we don't get out as much (the sunlight has to come directly on your skin for it to make vitamin D -- light coming through glass does not work).  Secondly, I work from home, so the few minutes that other people are exposed to sun as they get in and out of cars or just end up directly in the sun does not happen for me.

Image of a man on a yacht enjoying bright sun

I am now finding out that vitamin D is critical to Testosterone production.  Yes, I take multivitamins and then consume foods that contain D but there really is no substitute for naturally getting it from the sun.  The trick is to expose your skin directly to sun (without applying sunscreen) for at least 10 minutes.  20 min is even better.  I guess it is the cheapest way to influence Testosterone but for many of us that is hard to do in winter when temperatures and wind chills can easily drop below zero.  On those days I just don't like to even entertain the idea of dressing up and getting out from my 72F home, but I must do it.

Efforts to make Testosterone cases as class action lawsuits

In case you did not know the difference, in a normal lawsuit, your case will be decided on its individual merits.  However, when a product like Androgel injures lots of guys with similar outcomes, what the courts do to make things easier for both plaintiffs and defendants is to combine them all in a class action lawsuit and have one massive trial.  If AbbVie loses because it is proven that Androgel is a defective drug and the manufacturer failed to identify all the risks before launching it or deliberately hid the dangers, then, anyone who can prove that they took the medication is entitled to compensation.  You typically don't have to do anything except doing the paperwork with the help of an attorney by providing evidence of your prescriptions and health risks you experienced.  Since so many cases have already been filed, the lawyers are requesting that they should all be combined into an MDL (multi district litigation, meaning all the cases filed in any district court in the United States be heard by just one judge) to provide quick relief to victims.

White men may become dumb with TRT

It looks like bad news about TRT keeps piling on.  Pharmacology and Neuroscience professor at University of North Texas, Rebecca Cunningham has found an interesting side effect of Testosterone Replacement Therapy on only Caucasian men.  She has found that white males with high oxidative stress (don't freak out with this term; in simple words, it simply means that you are producing far more free radicals than antioxidants) can lose their brain function when taking drugs like Androgel.

So how do you fine if you have high oxidative stress?  I am glad that you asked because you are not going to experience insomnia or high blood pressure.  If you want to find out if you are suffering from this type of condition, ask your family physician to conduct a blood test to find out.  Make sure that if your levels are too high then your doctor has a chance to speak to the physician who prescribes you the Testosterone gel.