No, oats do not magically raise Testosterone and libido

I was eating steel-cut organic oatmeal long before I experienced lower libido due to malnutrition.  Now, eating oat-meal is a great dietary choice for anyone at any age, there is some misinformation that consuming oats will boost Testosterone, raise libido, and/or cure erectile dysfunction.  You see, in addition to being a rich source of fiber and nutrients (there is nothing exceptional about oats; lots of other fruits and vegetables can do the same), what is great and unique about them is that they absorb a lot of cholesterol.  So when you are consuming oats regularly, you are able to lower your cholesterol in the most natural way possible.  And that's it. 

So if you are an overweight or obese dude who still eats a fat rich diet (it is a given that you will experience poor erections and lower libido even in your youth), including oats in your diet will lower your cholesterol (and raise your Testosterone indirectly because the higher the cholesterol the lower the Testosterone).  What will work even better is if you also reduce your fat consumption, start eating a healthy diet, and exercise.  I guess, if you make no change at all in your lifestyle but just starting eating oats, you will see a tiny improvement in your overall health (lower cholesterol, maybe some weight loss, and these things will also raise your Testosterone), but guys, if you really want to be in bed like you used to, you will have to make radical changes, including super-healthy diet, vitamins and mineral supplements particularly zinc, strength training/weightlifting, plenty of sleep, lower stress, and doing manly things.