Iron supplements for erectile dysfunction

If you are a regular meat eater, particularly red meat like beef, you don't have to read this.  If a man like you is suffering from erectile dysfunction, it is probably because of your sedentary lifestyle, being overweight, and being in poor health.  This post is more for (mostly) vegetarian folks like me who are in middle age and experiencing a combination of low libido and erectile dysfunction.  In addition, you should be engaging in intense physical activity, particularly strength training and weightlifting to naturally raise your Testosterone levels.

What happens is that if you eat a low-fat, fiber-rich diet like me, you simply cannot get enough iron.  I have crunched the numbers and there is no way I can get the recommended daily allowance of iron through my meals.  In addition to that, as a (mostly) vegetarian, I need to take additional iron.  I have also learned that if you reach the level of exercise that compares to an athlete (that is where I am with almost 8 hours of exercise each week along with occasional yard-work or outdoor activities in the weekends), you need extra iron.

So why is iron so important?  Well, not only is iron needed for overall endurance and stamina, because an erection is all about oxygen-rich blood flow to the organ, you need to have enough iron in your blood.  I am taking a supplement right now and have seen minor improvement (unfortunately, supplemental iron simply does not get absorbed very well by the body) and am considering if I should take dessicated cow liver (an excellent source of heme iron, vitamins, and proteins).  In addition, I am making a more conscious effort to include iron-rich sources of food in my diet.  Some are easy to do, like, dark chocolate, but I need to plan better with other dishes like eggs, beans, and green leafy vegetables.