Fairlife Milk for the middle aged male

As I wrote previously, once I figured out that middle age onset of lactose intolerance was causing me bloating and making my waist bigger than it should be for my weight, I have gone sort-of dairy free.  Because as a (mostly) vegetarian, I find it challenging to get enough protein (particularly because of my aggressive workout regimen that includes weightlifting, running, and martial arts), I found Fairlife milk, a Coca-Cola Company product.  This is basically premiumization of milk.  The reason I tried it is because it is lactose-free and has extra protein.  What else would I want?  While it has more protein and calcium as well, but that was not an issue for me.  The other thing that is interesting about this milk is that the company has taken out the natural sugars so it has a lot less calories.  I must say that for someone like me who hardly consumes any sugar, the fact that this milk lacks its natural sweetness was something I noticed, but I consume most of my milk in oatmeal so not a major issue.  Other than that, this really does the job for me and I would strongly recommend that if you are a vegetarian and workout regularly, Fair Life Milk is an option.

Dairy-free diet experience

As I wrote previously, I was able to trace my larger tummy to bloating due to lactose intolerance (though, I am convinced that drop in Testosterone with age is a factor, and I have been learning recently that when you exercise a lot and do not eat enough -- resulting in what is known as calorie deficit -- something that I might be doing, the body tends to accumulate fat around the abdomen because it does not understand what you are up to and instead concluded that starvation is about to happen) and have since gone dairy-free.  I am told that even the most intolerant folks can tolerate some amount of lactose, but I am on a 90-day plan to avoid any lactose, and I must say that it feels great.  I used to think of the dairy-free types as cultish but I now have a new appreciation for them because I am experiencing the good things of giving up milk and products like yogurt and cheese. 

I must confess that I am not sure how to get enough protein in my diet (just to remind you, I eat mostly vegetables, and while I have increased my consumption of nuts and beans, I am afraid I am not getting enough) and am hoping that after I end my 90-day program of 100% dairy free diet, I might be able to add small amounts of Greek yogurt, which has very little lactose and lots of protein.