FAQ about me

Can you tell us more about you?

I am a regular middle aged man.  I am an entrepreneur and live with my wife in Massachusetts.

How old are you?

I was born in the 1960s.

What is your diet?

You can see my diet at this link.  We try to cook our meals at home from scratch using organic ingredients to the extent possible.  I eat mostly a plant based diet but I am not 100% vegetarian.  I would say, though, that over 95% of my diet is plant based.
  • My breakfast is mostly steel cut oatmeal and occasionally I will have toast of bread from sprouted beans or when my wife wants to indulge me on weekends, she will make pancakes. 
  • Lunch can be rice with beans and some vegetables either steamed or as salad.
  • Afternoon snack can be a fruit with nuts and coffee.
  • Dinner will be with some kind of bread, vegetables, eggs, and cheese.
  • An hour before bed, I might drink a cup of milk or munch a fruit or eat a small bowl of plain yogurt.
What supplements do you take?

On a regular basis, I take a multi-vitamin pill and zinc.  I also take omega-3 caps but often give myself break of months so as not to rely too much on artificial supplementation.

What is your exercise routine like?

I workout Monday to Friday between 7 and 8 AM after a cup of coffee and a glass of lemon water. I eat my breakfast afterwards at 830AM.  I have a treadmill and weights at my home.  I do a series of simple exercises using weights and a few bending/stretching routines.  I might also run for 10-15 minutes and on some days just to vary the routine, I might skip the weights altogether and only run for an hour.  I love running but have cut back significantly because it is not good for a man trying to raise his Testosterone level.

How is your stress level?

Probably very little.  Like any other American, I have my share of things to worry about, but I try to be as carefree as possible.  I am spiritual and very philosophical.

Do you have any vices?

I have never smoked.  I have no idea what recreation drugs are.  I am boring, really.  I used to like a glass of wine with my dinner but not any more.  I only drink very little now during the weekends because alcohol is not good for middle aged men.

Are you taking any medications?

No.  In fact during last 20 years, I only recall taking medication for nail fungus.  If the flu season is bad, I might get a shot.

How is your overall health?

Very good.  I am just 140 pounds for 5'8" height.  I have no known diseases and do not have anything that causes me discomfort of any kind.  I sleep almost 9 hours each night.  Since my mid 40s I use reading glasses.  I am not a big fan of doctors and do not believe in annual medical checkups.  In fact, unless I am really sick, I don't bother going to a doctor.  The last time I went was several years ago for flu but the doctor sent me away telling me to just relax and drink soup.

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